5 years as the best Kiama Fitness Business


Launch Day – 11th October

(Kiama Personal Trainers begin)

Launch Day Werri views

Launch Day hill shot

Dave & Alix Launch Day



APOLA Annual Conference – Core Stability for Lifeguards Workshop

(Personal Trainer in Kiama gains expert status)


Challenge Week is born

(Boot Camp in Kiama expands)

CW Series 1

Australia Day Road Trip – Wanda Sand Dunes

(Kiama running group tackles big challenge)

Wanda Road Trip April 2010

Fit for Profit Australian Member of the Year

(Kiama Personal Trainer gains worldwide recognition)

Member of the Year

moty logo


Australia Day Kiama Road Trip

(Fitness Challenge in Kiama proves popular)


Challenge Week Series 2 Finale – The Beach Beep Test

CW2 Beach Beep Test

Saddleback Smash

(Australia’s Toughest Fun Run is born)

Saddleback Smash


Challenge Week Series 3 Finale – The 100 Hundreds

(Kiama running challenge)

Challenge Week Series III


Challenge Week Series 4 – Huge Numbers

(Kiama Boot Camp explodes)

Challenge Week Series IV

Cataract Scout Park – Tough Mudder Training


Oxygen Olympics

(Fun fitness challenges in Kiama)

New Pics 158

Precision Nutrition Coaching is born

(Best nutrition coaching in Kiama)

PN Long logo

Winter Warrior Challenge launched

(How to stay consistent with your Kiama fitness program)


Saddleback Smash 2

(Toughest Fun Run in Australia expands)

SS 2012 Begins


Challenge Week Series 6 – Massive Numbers

(Best Team training in Kiama)

CW6 Team Shot

Oxygen begins lease at Kiama High School

(Semi Private Training in Kiama evolves)

Oct24 039

Fit Chicks Club is launched

(FitChicksClub Kiama)

fit chicks logo

Leanne Megan Chin Ups

Spartan Training Club is launched

(Spartan Training Club Kiama)

Small STC Logo


1st Spartan Strength Mar 2013(1)

Oxygen Touch Footy Team find the right mix

(Mixed Touch Footy Teams in Kiama)

Oxygen Mixed Touch Winter 2013

Saddleback Smash 3

(Australia’s Toughest Fun Run gains national exposure)

Challenge Week Series 7 Finale – To Hell with you Dave Lambert

(Hell Hill Saddleback Mountain)

hell hill

Dave presents on stage at World’s #1 Event for Fitness Business Leaders

(Dave Lambert NPE Mega Training)

Dave presenting at Mega Training 2013


Challenge Week Series 8 Finale – Hell on the Harbour

(Team Challenges in Gerringong)


Blue victory

Oxygen Health & Fitness Timetable evolves

(Kiama’s best fitness business gets even better)

fit chicks logo small web sizeSmall STC LogoConditioning Logo

Rach Jade Hammo Guy Sleds - Copy - Smaller

Guy 20kg chins

Megan Fitball Chest Press

Oxywealth Games

(Sports, fun and games in Kiama)

Comm Games

Dave joins NPE Global Coaching Team

(Fitness Business Coaching in Kiama)

DL Mega Training 2014

Challenge Week Series 9 Finale – The Horrible Hundred

(Best Kiama Challenge Week yet!)

CW9 Finale


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