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Welcome to the second last Weekly Wrap for 2013. Its been another great week of high intensity training. Every session has a great energy to it. Go hard guys for the last week and a half of training and earn that well deserved break. Read on for all the news…

Dave Lambert
Oxygen Health & Fitness
What’s Been Happening?
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Kerry’s Killer lives up to it’s name
Kerry’s first Super Saturday session at the Kiama Leisure Centre fields was well attended by 20 Oxygen members. They tackled the grandstand, knocked out countless pull ups and took on the mighty punisher sled, just to name a few. It was grueling and hot and thoroughly enjoyable by all accounts! Get ready to do it all again this Saturday 14th December.

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Fitchicks Program finishes
spotlightThe latest Kiama Fitchicks Club 6 week program block has completed and the girls have made some amazing changes to their physique and achieved impressive personal goals. Every Fitchick stepped up during this program and achieved if not all their goals 90% of them. Special mentions have to go to Tammy Langlois performing a 110kg deadlift with effortless ease, Megan Casey and Marnie Beauchamp achieving their goal of 18 chin ups and Jade Braun performing parallel bar tricep dips with a 2.5kg weight attached! All the girls have put in a tremendous effort and each and everyone of you is to be congratulated.
Spartan Training Club

spotlightOur Kiama Spartan Training Club groups completed their most successful 6 week programs – a tri-set routine of big, heavy, compound lifts. It’s been successful for both 6am and 6pm groups in terms of targets reached and bodies transformed.

We had some significant improvements in terms of strength gains with up to 25% increases in big lifts like Squats and Deadlifts. Other big gains came from lifting bodyweight plus external weight on things like Chin Ups and Parallel Bar Dips.

Some highlights include a 160kg Deadlift from Daniel Rouse Stanton, 150kg from yours truly and a swag of guys smashing the 140kg mark.

Squats saw much improved Squat depth with numbers ranging from 80kg up to a big 105kg.

Chin Ups saw 20kg extra attached to Guy Farland, 15kg for me and up to 10kg for others. Also some of the bigger guys progressed through the different assistance bands to show marked improvement including Bruce Borchardt on the mend from elbow surgery.

The extra VIP morning sessions involving Punisher Sleds, Battle Ropes and Tyres has made a big difference to the conditioning levels of a few guys, Dan Turnbull in particular.

All in all I have really enjoyed pushing myself with these determined hard working guys throughout the second half of this year and I can’t wait to see what heights we’ll reach in 2014. If there’s a man in your life who really needs to get into shape, send him to Spartan Training Club and we’ll transform him, guaranteed.

Strength Training
Our clients who are attending Kiama Boot Camp Strength sessions this past week are showing they have both strength and speed. Their session was a circuit style class which involved body weight exercises and strength training coupled with sprints, very impressive to see the effort being put in. The likes of Ian Morris and Richard Wadwell were just a blur running up the grandstand steps!
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Interval last week
spotlightOne of our hardest if not the hardest run we do is the Best of Belvedere. I think everyone who has done it would agree that running up Belvedere both sides a total of 7 times is extremely taxing, not Roz Dalley however, because she did it 8 times and the one she repeated was right to the top!
Trainers dropping like flies
spotlightTraci and Jill have largely been out of action since last Wednesday/ Thursday leaving Kerry and Dave to hold the fort. God help us all!!
Weekly Wisdom
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What’s Coming Up?
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Friday 13th December
The Oxygen Touch team plays our last game of the year this Friday night, 6:30pm at Jamberoo. This follows straight after our staff Xmas party, should be an interesting game!! Why don’t you come down and watch the fun and frivolity…

Saturday 14th December


7am – Kiama Leisure Centre Fields

Saturday 14th December

Oxygen Xmas Party

6pm – Blue Diamond Bar, Kiama

Saturday 26th January


Early registrations for the Wanda extreme Fun Run closes 30/12/2013. Last day to guarantee your race singlet. Click here to register.

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