A Quick look at Kiama Fitness Goals

What’s been happening?

Kiama Boot camp charging ahead

Our Spring into Shape Boot camp entered Week 2 and with everyone adjusting to the new STRENGTH routine, medicine balls are getting closer and closer to the top of the gym wall. There’s also some more confident box jumpers starting to emerge but those thrusters at the end, no-one looks like they are doing those easy yet. I guess you could put those in the same category as our interval runs these past few weeks. Cudos to all those who have survived the endless list of hill runs lately like Best of Belvedere, Bland is Grand and Somerville Sprints.

Kiama Fitchicks on target or on holidays

Congratulations go out to our Fitchicks who today complete another 6 week block of programming. Some of our experienced Fitchicks continue to lift heavier weights with better technique than ever. As a result some of the girls like Ali Crofts, Deni Murray and Lisa Morris are looking slimmer and more toned than ever. Other special mentions must go to Megan Casey and Michelle Morunga for completing their first Fitchicks program with Moo recently completing 120kg deadlift for 6 reps! Wow, strong girl!

We’ve currntly got Tammy in Thailand, Leanne in Queenstown and Deni and Riley livin it up in New York. They have all commented on how they much they are looking forward to getting back to training when they return.


Weekly Wisdom


What’s coming up?

Friday 20th September 2013

Workout of the Month
6am Surf Beach


Saturday 21st September 2013

Smash Squad
6am Kiama High School

Only 9 days left tor register for $40


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