A Thought about something different at Oxygen Health & Fitness

Today’s Daily News and Thursday Thought is regarding TWO important changes to Oxygen Health & Fitness sessions for the rest of this week.

Firstly, tomorrow’s Oxygen Health & Fitness STRETCH session will be held at a mystery location.  Meet me on the east side of Hindmarsh Park at 5.50am and we’ll go somewhere different for STRETCH that you’ll really enjoy. It’s very relevant to today’s Thursday Thought, which are excerpts, little pearls of wisdom from a book called “Now is the Time” by Patrick Lindsay. So,

Now is the time to…

Watch the sun rise

To feel the real beauty and power of the sun,
rise before the first rays hit.
Find a vantage point with a fine vista and wait.
Sense the stillness.
Watch as the sun etches out your world.
Enjoy the warmth.
Marvel at the miracle of renewal.
Feel your problems subside.

“Turn your face to the sun and the shadows will fall behind you.”  Maori proverb

The other important change to Oxygen Health & Fitness training sessions this week is Saturday RUN SQUAD has been rescheduled to 9am.  It’s a much later start than normal and its only for this week but it will be well worth it!

Meet at Hindmarsh Park at 8.40am Saturday and we’ll take you on a 4km winding hill climb through some spectacular scenery.

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