Monday Motivator – Age is no barrier to a successful Kiama Fitness Program

Over the weekend I had a great time celebrating my 30th birthday.  Over the three days (my birthday was actually last Friday) I was shouted breakfast, a lunch and a dinner which for a guy who loves food, is just about as good a present as you would give me.  While we’re on the topic of food, I also managed to do our weekly grocery shop, cook and freeze 3 dinners, make a batch of protein bars and chop up my breakfast veges for the week.  While that was going on I had an entree of prawns marinating in Thai Gourmet Garden paste and my new favourite thing, John West marinated Salmon fillets baking in the oven.  You can get them at Coles, but seriously, it’s like cooking for dummies and oh so tasty!

Anyways, enough about food but the story is going somewhere I promise!

The weekend got me thinking about my birthday and the topic of age.  It’s amazing how many people I talk to who ask for my help, advice, opinion on something related to health and fitness.  What’s even more amazing is the number of people that ask my advice but then ignore the information or tell me what they think is the solution.  Even more amazing still is that the supposed solution is either exactly what they’ve done already to get them to where they are (WTF?) or so counterproductive they’ll likely to be worse off than they are now.

That’s one thing about age which can be a real barrier to your Kiama Fitness success.

Each year that passes it’s very easy to get set in your ways, think you know all there is to know and get so swamped with being busy that you lose focus.  When you’re not focused, important things like exercising consistently improving your nutrition and getting adequate recovery can slip down the priority list.

You should know by now how important all these things are and it’s all a product of learning.

Learning something new about health & fitness has to be a priority.  As a Kiama Personal Trainer with 12 years experience, I sure as hell don’t know everything there is to know about health & fitness.  So when I share with you the importance of mindset, preparation and planning, exercise programming or a great easy way to get tasty, nutritious food on your plate, make sure you’re open to learning something new because the success of your Kiama Fitness program depends on it.  Age is no barrier.


“Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty”.  Henry Ford















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