Thursday Thought – Believe in yourself to improve your Kiama Fitness Program

It’s the Daily Blog and the Thursday Thought specifically.  Each week we share one thought, one little pearl of wisdom from a great book called “Now is the Time” by Patrick Lindsay.
I’ve been touting this all week because our theme at Oxygen Health & Fitness has been “Crush it with Confidence”.  So I’ll keep the same theme rolling by suggesting that:
Now is the time to….
Believe in yourself
If you don’t, don’t expect others to.
Live up to your expectations,
not down to your doubts.
When you know you’re capable,
give yourself a chance to succeed
by losing the fear of failure.
Your horizons are often self-determined.
Make sure they are as broad as your dreams.
“Whether you think you can or you can’t – you’re right.”  Henry Ford (1863 – 1947)

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