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Love is in the air today, and I’ve got the perfect recipe for you to try for your Valentine. Why not pick up the ingredients on your way home, and whip up some breakfast in bed tomorrow morning?

Eggs, toast, fruit, nuts and yogurt, what’s not to love?

Don’t forget the roses to go with it 😉

Sunrise Sundae with French Toast Hash Browns

Sunrise Sundae
Apple (small diced)   1/4 cup
Low-fat cottage cheese     1/2 cup
Nectarine (small diced) 1/4 cup
Low-fat plain yogurt    1/4 cup
Strawberry (sliced)   1/4 cup
Low-fat cottage cheese   1/2 cup
Grapes   1/4 cup
Mixed Nuts (unsalted, crushed)   1/3 cup
French Toast
Whole grain bread   1 slice
Whole omega-3 egg   1
Cinnamon   pinch
Salt   pinch
Olive oil cooking spray
Sunrise Sundae
Place all of the apple pieces in the bottom of a tall glass or bowl. Place the remaining ingredients on top of the apples in the order they appear in the ingredient list.
French Toast
Cut bread into 1-inch square cubes. Whisk egg, cinnamon and salt in a small mixing bowl and place bread into egg. Let soak for 30 seconds. Preheat a non-stick frying pan and lightly coat with spray. Pour the egg and bread mixture into the pan. Mixing as little as possible, lightly brown the bread. Remove from heat and serve. Serves 1 large or 2 small.
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You can’t live without it!
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