Tuesday Tune In – Bulletproof your Lower Body Kiama Fitness Program

Following on from last weeks episode regarding squats, today I’ve got some secrets and strategies to help you improve the function of your knee joint and all the muscles surrounding it.

If you’ve ever had nagging knee pain, you run a lot, if you struggle to get full range of motion from your squats and lunges, today’s video will help you improve your Kiama Fitness Program.

You’re gunna need a foam roller, a tennis ball and initially a little pain tolerance.  It’s like getting a massage.  If you leave it for months, then yeah, you’re gunna hurt a little bit.  But if you do it regularly, like anything, it does get easier and you’ll experience discomfort more than pain.

There are six areas of focus in this video:

1.  Quadriceps

2.  TFL

3.  ITB

If any of the first three are tight, you may experience knee pain especially laterally or on the outside.  Your squatting range of motion will also likely be reduced.

4.  Hamstrings

If these are tight you can experience a tight lower back and may even  by leaning too far forward when you squat.

5.  Calf

6.  Tibialis Anterior

If these two become tight, it’s likely affecting the range of motion in your ankle joint, your ability to plantar flex and dorsi flex your foot and adding stress to your achilles.  This will also effect your squatting range of motion.

I recommend regular massage (monthly), foam rolling (weekly) and stretching (daily) as a minimum.  You can contact two of our business associates Gerringong Physio or Kiama Massage for further help.

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