FitChicks set high standard for fitness groups in Kiama

Welcome to another FitChicks Insider VIP Newsletter where we share the most effective exercises, the most useful technique tips and the most dramatic success stories.   Last week FitChicks Kiama resumed training for 2015 and underwent a thorough Assessment process that covered everything from girth measurements, body fat, functional movement skill and some tough strength testing across … [Read more...]

Super shake recipe from your Kiama Nutrition Coach

Each Friday throughout 2015 I'll be sharing with you something from the Oxygen Health & Fitness vault of healthy delicious recipes.I've sourced these over the years from reputable fitness and nutrition coaches, friends, family and my own experience as a Kiama Nutrition Coach. I'm excited to share some of my favourites with you and if there's something you'd like to see please let me … [Read more...]

Oxygen Health & Fitness is back in action for 2015

Welcome back to another year of Oxygen Health & Fitness! This first week back has seen an incredible atmosphere at training as everyone rips back into their routine. The strength sessions have started slowly with some important Assessments and Testing but the intensity at our Conditioning sessions has been awesome.   As you're probably aware, Oxygen has some exciting plans ahead … [Read more...]

Spartan Training Club Kiama is back for 2015

Welcome to another year of health & fitness news with the first 2015 edition of the Spartan Insider VIP Newsletter. Spartan Training Club has some of very exciting plans ahead in 2015 which will see us continue to lead the way and offer the most innovative strength & conditioning programs in Kiama.This Newsletter will share the best hints, tips and advice from our experience in the … [Read more...]

New Year, new hope for FitChicks in Kiama

Welcome to another year of health & fitness news with the first 2015 edition of the FitChicks Insider VIP Newsletter.   Last year FitChicks, as well as Oxygen Health & Fitness, underwent a big transformation as a change of clientele saw some long term FitChicks leave the scene and a whole score of new girls step up to challenge themselves. This change in personnel had a profound … [Read more...]

Kiama Personal Trainers’ 2 Tips to Fitness Success

Here's a little Monday Motivation to kick off your year of health & fitness.   What are you aiming at? Zig Ziglar, one of the greatest success coaches the world has seen said, “If you aim at nothing, you will hit it every time.” Each of us knows from our own experience that he is right.  The general flow of human life tends to be toward ease and comfort.  One day flows into … [Read more...]

5 years as the best Kiama Fitness Business

2009 Launch Day - 11th October (Kiama Personal Trainers begin)   2010 APOLA Annual Conference - Core Stability for Lifeguards Workshop (Personal Trainer in Kiama gains expert status) Challenge Week is born (Boot Camp in Kiama expands) Australia Day Road Trip - Wanda Sand Dunes (Kiama running group tackles big challenge) Fit for Profit Australian Member of the … [Read more...]

Oxygen Challenge Week is nearly here…

Welcome to another Oxygen Health & Fitness Weekly Wrap. We're well into OXOBER, the month where lots of exciting events occur at Oxygen Health & Fitness, and next week sees the start of our biannual competition - Oxygen Challenge Week. Now into it's 9th Series, Challenge Week this time around will be very different due to some major changes Oxygen has undergone the past 6 months. … [Read more...]

Oxygen Health & Fitness on the global stage

Welcome to another Oxygen Health & Fitness Weekly Wrap. Today marks the 1st of OXOBER, not October, and this is the month where lots of exciting events happen at Oxygen Health & Fitness Kiama.   There's a couple of short weeks coming up with a Public Holiday next Monday and a very exciting event for me starting tomorrow. This event, called Mega Training, is the World's Number One … [Read more...]

The best results based group training in Kiama

Welcome to another Oxygen Health & Fitness Weekly Wrap.   The best group training in Kiama keeps producing results. If you're looking for fat loss in Kiama, you need a quality strength & conditioning program, world class nutrition advice, an experienced fitness professional and a like minded support group that will keep you accountable. That's what Oxygen Health & Fitness is … [Read more...]