Tropical Island Smoothie from your Kiama Boot Camp Trainer

  PIN`A COLADA SMOOTHIE     If you like Pin`a Coladas and getting caught in the rain, then you'll love this excellent smoothie. It's island flavours will likely remind you of vacation time.  But being a trainer I know that you should be careful with this one, it's so good you might be tempted to add a little rum. INGREDIENTS 1/2 cup Pinapple 1 Banana 1/2 cup … [Read more...]

Oatmeal recipe from your Kiama Personal Trainer

Maple Walnut Apple Oatmeal.... Maple syrup is a breakfast favourite- although when served atop a stack of pancakes, the sugar and carb content climbs while the nutritional profile takes a nose-dive. In this physique-friendly breakfast from Oxygen Health & Fitness, maple syrup, walnuts and apples compliment a protein-packed bowl of oats. As an alternative this Kiama Personal Trainer … [Read more...]

Pre-Bed Snack from your Kiama Personal Trainers

  It's that  time of the week at Oxygen Health & Fitness ..........       Friday       Time for another Friday Fuel recipe to take into your weekend. Have you ever been thinking of desert but didn't want to ruin your awesome eating for the week? Your Kiama Personal Trainers have found the solution! Oxygen Fitness have found this … [Read more...]

Friday Fuel – Fat loss tips from your Kiama Personal Trainer

It's that time of the week again for another Friday Fuel.  I'm really enjoying salmon as a protein source lately, including it for both lunches and dinners.  Salmon is a great source of dietary Omega 3 which increases fat breakdown in the body and has beneficial effects on cholesterols, blood vessels, inflamation, brain function and your metabolism. Here's a way to add some great flavour to … [Read more...]

Friday Fuel – ANZAC Cookies to fuel your Kiama Boot Camp workouts

It's coming up to that patriotic day on the Australian calendar ANZAC Day 25th April. To me I always remember images of Gallipoli, two-up, the ANZAC Rugby League Test Matches between Australia and New Zealand and of course, ANZAC Biscuits. Now normally, I wouldn't be recommending that you eat cookies but today's Friday Fuel Recipe is a tweak on a recipe from one of my favourite cookbooks Anabolic … [Read more...]

Tuesday Tune In – Super Shake Formula from your Kiama Personal Trainer

This week's episode of Oxygen TV we're in the kitchen for a recipe I've emailed out to you before - The Super Shake Formula. For those who missed it, I've attached the recipe again at the bottom of this post. Initially I got onto the Super Shake Formula from Precision Nutrition - a company that specialises in Body transformations.  They've been so successful at it they have helped people … [Read more...]

Friday Fuel – A protein packed dinner from your Kiama Personal Trainer

Salmon & Pesto on Quinoa with Tomato & Avocado Salsa                               Yep it's a mouthful to describe and it's even more of a delicuous mouthful once cooked. You're gunna need: 2 Salmon Steaks Jar of Basil Pesto Extra Virgin Olive Oil 1 … [Read more...]

Friday Fuel – A Chocolate Fix to Fuel your Kiama Fitness Program

The Daily Dose is here and I'm gunna share with you a chocolately little breakfast I had this morning for my Friday Fuel. As usual, it's Anabolically supercharged, meaning it will activate all the right fat burning, muscle building hormones in your body so it'll give you an energy boosting kickstart to your day that helps you achieve your health & fitness goals.  Plus it tastes … [Read more...]

Friday Fuel – A favourite treat from your Kiama Fitness Trainer

It's time for some flavoursome Friday Fuel. Each week I endeavour to give you something new to add to your repertoire of healthy breakfasts, lunches and dinners. A few times, I have given you some healthy snack ideas too. Today is another one of those days. As a Kiama Fitness Trainer I see people chowing down on this food a lot. Often with a coffee in the other hand. Today's version of it … [Read more...]

Friday Fuel – 3 Brekkies to Boost your Kiama Boot Camp Program

For some horrible reason, today’s breakfast has turned into a sugary, processed-carbohydrate, empty-calorie, fat-promoting mess. This is not a breakfast of champions Typical breakfast foods that most people now eat include: •    Skim Milk and a Sweet Cereal •    Toast and Jam •    “Breakfast Bar” •    Pancakes and Syrup •    1 Egg with Toast In most of these meals (other than … [Read more...]