Celebrate Good Times!

Last week I wrote about the start of the “Silly Season” and how it shouldn’t get in the way of our training goals. However, 3 recent celebrations are fair enough excuses for taking a little time away from training. I said a little.

Firstly, my sister Kel and her husband Mat celebrated the birth of their baby boy Aidan Lucas. He’s a gorgeous little fella and seems to have inherited Kel’s fiery red hair and Mat’s fiery stomach. Although it’s the last thing we expected from Kel and Mat, they will both make wonderful parents and little Aidan is sure to turn out a very intelligent boy with a cheeky alter ego.

Kel & Aidan

Kel & Aidan

Secondly, my good mate Brad Rutledge married his sweetheart Ren at a beautiful ceremony at Ravensthorpe in Albion Park. Congrats guys and enjoy the honeymoon. Back into training when you get back though buddy!

Thirdly on the celebrations, a big shout out to long term client and friend Sue O’Leary who is away in Cairns celebrating her 30th wedding anniversary to Peter. Sue has come along way from the shy, timid person I caught up with earlier this year in April. Despite telling me she wasn’t sure if outdoor training was for her and worrying about this that and the other, Sue has committed to both Personal Training and Group Sessions all year.

Above that, Sue has committed to me personally and was the first person to follow my business from Wollongong to Kiama. Despite living in Cordeaux Heights, Sue trains on average about 4 times a week and has introduced her friend Lyn Wilkshire. Together at classes Lyn and Sue are a hilarious double act and we all enjoy their company. The above examples show just how committed a person Sue O’Leary is and it gives me great pleasure to announce that Sue is our November Member of the Month. Congrats Sue, your mystery prizes await!

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