Challenge Week Diary – Friday

Friday 6am STRETCH – Refresh n Recover

It looked as though people REALLY needed the Stretch this morning! I set up four stations of recovery exercises that each worked on different areas.

John Wiaczek from Kiamassage was nice enough to come down and help out with some seated massage which people gladly accepted. There with John on the cricket pitches were some foam rollers and massage tools which were put together by myself, John and Mark Burns. The look on Brad Moore’s face when he was rolling out his IT Band was priceless! Burnsy actually got up early, drove down the physio practice in Gerringong and forgot his keys, so after turning around and getting it sorted it was all sweet in the end.

Other stations included Sit n Reach Challenge with Laura, BOSU stretches and more stretching on the yoga mats. Teams spent 1 minute on each stretch and 8 minutes total at a station which worked out perfect with the numbers we had. By the time they had done each station it was about 7am and they certainly looked appreciative for the fact they didn’t have to do anything too physical.


1st 20 points – BLUE

2nd 15 points – YELLOW

3rd 10 points – GREEN

4th 5 pointsRED

Update on scores after Operation STRETCH:

GREEN – 563

BLUE – 555

YELLOW – 499

RED – 464

So it all came down to just ONE more session, The Finale, The Amazing Race. Challengers were told to get to bed early, they were in for a big one tomorrow!

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