Challenge Week Diary – Tuesday

Tuesday 6am CORE – BOSU Block Party

Another colourful session with our Cardio/Core mixer. There were 8 stations, 50 seconds work at each and two laps were completed to get the heart pumping and the abs burning.

The BLUES managed to WIN their first session with solid numbers and a competitive spirit. 20 points coming courtesy of a great Team Sit Up Challenge and 15 points coming from Ali Day taking out 2nd in the Plank Challenge. Unfortunately Ali couldn’t keep up with his rival professional athlete Judy Franklin who took out the PLANK Challenge for the GREENs with a 6 and a half minute effort! It must be noted Judy also did not take her rest breaks in the Brydie Abbott Oxygen Plank Challenge. Wow!


1st 20 points – GREEN (Judy Franklin)

2nd 15 points – BLUE (Ali Day)

3rd 10 points – YELLOW (Kylie Starling)

4th 5 points – RED (Deb Chatfield and Julie Forster)


1st 20 points – BLUE

2nd 15 points – RED

3rd 10 points – YELLOW

4th 5 points – GREEN

Progressive Pointscore after BOSU Block Party is as follows:

GREEN – 168

BLUE – 143

RED – 132

YELLOW – 128

So we had a couple of hours rest and moved on to STRENGTH with the Superset Smash at 9:30am!

Tuesday 9:30am STRENGTH – Superset Smash

A record number of people turned out for a 9:30am session with 23 at the class. REDs were looking dodgy with a few minutes to go as Chief Renee Miller was the only one there. But they pulled together at the last minute and had 4 hard working REDDIES.

The GREENs and YELLOWs had the most numbers but because of The Machine Judy Franklin the GREENs were able to win yet another Challenge with Judy holding a 3 and a half minute Squat Hold with me. Honourable mentions to Pete De Vet, I mean, Pete Davis from the YELLOWs with a Squat technique that could rival fellow YELLOW Brydie Abbott.


1st 20 points – GREEN (Judy Franklin)

2nd 15 points – YELLOW (Pete Davis)

3rd 10 points – RED (Cathy Grose Jones)

4th 5 points – BLUE (Matilda Ford)

Progressive Pointscore after Superset Smash is as follows:

GREEN –   203

BLUE –        160

RED –        157

YELLOW – 155

So with Strength done it was time for some Guerilla Warfare at the 6pm BOXING session!

Tuesday 6pm BOXING – Guerilla Warfare

A change of scenery with the YELLOW and RED Chiefs meeting and greeting everyone at the usual Hindmarsh Park but then trekking over to Black Beach Reserve for a very scenic Boxing session.

There were four coloured stations with YELLOWS starting at the Agility poles, REDs starting at the cricket pitch, GREENs on the Stair round and BLUEs running the around-the-world loop.

All rounds except the Cricket pitch were “10 tally” rounds however that didn’t mean the Cricket pitch round with Dave was an easy one. Continuous unders for 3 minutes with random “2,4,6,8 or 10” calls was hard yakka. Just ask GREENIE John Mak who doubled up!

The REDs and YELLOWs turned up in numbers and the extra recruits counted bug time.

Because of the numbers the Challenge Rounds all had the same result:

RED, YELLOW, GREEN and BLUE in that order. The results below:


1st 20 points – RED

2nd 15 points – YELLOW

3rd 10 points – GREEN

4th 5 pointsBLUE


1st 20 points – RED

2nd 15 points – YELLOW

3rd 10 points – GREEN

4th 5 pointsBLUE


1st 20 points – RED

2nd 15 points – YELLOW

3rd 10 points – GREEN

4th 5 pointsBLUE

Progressive Pointscore after Guerilla Warfare is as follows:

GREEN – 244

RED – 235

YELLOW – 215

BLUE – 187

Challengers were told to watch out, Wednesday’s INTERVAL RUN was titled Obscene Obstacles for a reason!


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