Challenge Week Diary – Monday


6am BOXING – Rumble in the Jungle

Great start to Challenge Week this morning. 36 people braved the damp conditions and smashed it out at four different Boxing stations. The Greens currently lead with 69 points, followed by the Blues on 55, AND in equal 3rd the Yellows and Reds on 41 points each. ATTENDANCE is crucial folks so get there!

There were TWO main point scoring Challenges. They were the Hill Round and also the Shuttle Round. 1st place receives 20 points, 2nd gets 15, 3rd gets 10 and 4th gets 5.


1st 20 points – GREEN (1150 punches)

2nd 15 points – BLUE (1000 punches)

Equal 3rd 10 points – RED & YELLOW (880 punches each)


1st 20 points – GREEN (1370 punches)

2nd 15 points – BLUE (1200 punches)

3rd 10 points – RED (1130 punches)

4th 5 points – YELLOW (1110 punches)

Challengers were reminded to not get too carried away, it’s only Monday. 1session down, 12 to go. They were told to Rise to the Challenge and turn up tonight for Operation Afterburn.

6pm STRENGTH – Operation Afterburn

WOW! I’ve never seen so much colour. It was an awesome atmosphere tonight. Before the session had even begun the YELLOWS had secured Bonus Points thanks to Brydie Abbott and her brand new Workout Muse.

We began our Super Circuit involving 8 stations that covered Hindmarsh Park. A tough agility run/hill sprint got the heart rate into overdrive and we completed 2 laps of the Circuit to the tunes of the Rocky Soundtrack and “I see you baby, shakin that a$$”.

After a quick drink we lined for Challenge 1 – Push Ups to the Death. It came down to ONE from each Team but eventually Elise Moore from the GREENS came home strong. She didn’t even look like she was struggling! Special mentions and Bonus Points to Wayne Starling from the BLUES and Joel Stewart from the REDS who battled it out for Silver and Bronze.

After a quick break, the Squat Jump Challenge began and it came down to a qsuare off between RED and YELLOW for the buns of steel award. Brydie Abbott featured again with some outstanding Squat technique but it was Chief Renee Miller who prevailed. Well done Chief.

The third Challenge proved a flop with some shaky looking Push Up castles so it was abandoned and the colourful Group photo was snapped.


1st 20 points – GREEN (Elise Moore)

2nd 15 points – BLUE (Wayne Starling)

3rd 10 points – RED (Joel Stewart)

4th 5 points –         YELLOW (Brydie Abbott)


1st 20 points – RED (Renee Miller)

2nd 15 points – YELLOW (Brydie Abbott)

3rd 10 points – GREEN (Mark Burns)

4th 5 points – BLUE (Geoff McIntyre)

So RED was crowned Winners of the Operation Afterburn STRENGTH Session and the progressive Point score is as follows:

GREEN – 117

RED – 93

BLUE – 89


See how that Afterburn affected everyone at the Tuesday morning CORE session BOSU Block Party.

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