Upcoming events and the best way to stay warm…

Being a few weeks into Winter now, the weathers obviously getting cooler.  It’s not that bad, I mean we don’t live in Melbourne but the coldest is still to come I suppose.

I’m constantly amazed at how exercise raises your core body temperature, in particular running.  For instance, this morning we all walked over to the Harbour to start our Interval Run wearing hoodies, jumpers and multiple layers. I actually thought this was going to be a Kiama fitness session where we kept the jumper on for the whole session, but surprised as I was by 10 mins into the session everyone was running around in their singlets.

So, not only is exercise a great way to stay warm this Winter, but running in particular.  It’s one of the best fat burners and quickest ways to increase your fitness.  And there are many great running events you can be part of.

One of those, the largest running event in the world, is the City2Surf.  In its 40th year, the 14km journey is held on 8th August and is one event not to be missed.

Everyone from elite runners to joggers, walkers and mums with prams take part.  Oxygen is taking a bus to the event and I encourage everyone to get on board and register today.

If you’ve ever thought about doing it, have done it, did it years ago, whatever – click this link to register today: http://city2surf.sunherald.com.au/

Today is the deadline for the Early Bird entries, so no only do you save yourself $10 but the hassle of having to collect your bib and timing chip in Sydney.  Register today and they’ll post it to you.

In order to properly prepare for this, we are starting a Saturday Runners group to improve our distance.  Our first run starts this Saturday 12th June at 6am.  We have 8 weeks to get prepared.

Register today and I’ll see you on Saturday.

In other news, Monday 14th June is a public holiday and there will be no classes.

Wednesday 16th June at 6am is our State of Origin II rematch.  To be specific it is “Town of Residence” and the people of Kiama will take on the Rest of the World in a game of Touch footy over at Black Beach. Fitness games in Kiama, gotta love it.

The Big Game - Town of Residence

So in summary, you gotta run to stay warm and we’ve got plenty of that down at Oxygen.  Come get some!

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