FitChicks Insider – 12th Edition

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Welcome to the next edition of the Fitchicks Insider VIP Newsletter.

The Fitchicks are into the first week of their new program. There are some old favourites such as the chin ups and dead lifts mixed with some new exercises such as box jumps and the “Snatch”. The Snatch is a complicated lift to perfect so the girls will need to practice without weight until they can perform the move correctly and safely.

The start of each new program generally means a backing off in weights on most exercises and concentrating on perfecting technique.  Once correct technique is mastered, targets are set and the weights will start to increase.

This new Fitchick program will be challenging and rewarding. Just put in the work and you will gain the results. Easy!

Let the fun begin!


Dave Lambert
Oxygen Health & Fitness
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The Hang Snatch

Muscles used in the Hang Snatch – Glutes, hamstrings, quads, calves, traps and shoulders


1. Feet are hip width apart and the grip on the bar is wide. To determine the width of the grip the bar should sit in the hip crease. The lifter should be able to lift each knee to 90 degrees before hitting the bar. If this is the case the grip is the right width.

2. Starting position is standing upright, chest out. Tip at the hips as if doing a dead lift, pushing the hips back, the bar lowers down towards the knee. Shoulders are over the bar and the chin is tucked in.

3. From this position explosively lift the bar straight up the body by shrugging trapezius upward and bringing the elbows high then tucking them under the bar as you push up to the over head position. At the same time jump the feet out to hip width apart.

4. The end position is in standing with the bar overhead just behind the ears.

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Don’t let the bar drift away from your body

Keep the bar close to your body and ensure it moves up not out when performing the explosive lift.
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Roz goes for Gold Box Jump

Roz Dalley

After only one go at box jumps in this new program Roz Dalley upped the height from the blue gym box to the yellow. Roz isn’t that tall but she gets good power and height to her jumps. If a shorty like Roz can do it, anyone can right?
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PN girls still putting in a consistent effort
An update on how our Fitchicks are faring in the Kiama Precision Nutrition 12 week challenge. The girls are in week 5 of the challenge and are all putting in consistently good food diary scores. The emphasis this past week has been on food preparation. If you fail to prepare, prepare to fail. Without food prep skills the chances of making good food choices decrease dramatically. Kat Hayward and Leanne Williams are obviously putting the food prep in as their consistent 100 point scores reflect. Keep it up girls, still seven weeks to go, enough time to make substantial and sustainable change.

You can’t live without it!

Dave Lambert
Oxygen Health & Fitness
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