FitChicks Insider – Eleventh Edition

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Welcome to the next edition of the Fitchicks Insider VIP Newsletter.

The Fitchicks are into their last week of this current program. The girls have lifted heavy, sweated heaps and knocked their targets into touch. An awesome effort from the girls!

The new program starts next week with some old favourites and some new exercises to keep things interesting. The programming for this next block takes into account that a lot of our Fitchicks are competing in the Spartan Race on 5th April 2014. The coaches and trainers want those girls to be their best on the day. One of the new skills the girls will need to master is climbing a rope, here at Fitchicks we will teach them how. Don’t worry if you can’t though the penalty in the Spartan Race is only 30 burpees which the Fitchicks could do without breaking a sweat!

Let the fun begin!


Dave Lambert
Oxygen Health & Fitness
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Rope Climb – Brake and Squat technique

1. Reach up high on the rope with both hands.

2. Position the rope so it is on the right of your right foot.

3. Take your weight on the rope and with your left foot position the rope under your right foot.

4. Keep the feet tight together and this will lock the rope in place.

5. Extend your knees to push yourself up the rope.

6. Reach up high again on the rope and move the legs up the rope in the same locked position.

7. Repeat up the rope

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Practice the feet locking position

Sitting on a chair practice the feet locking position over and over before attempting to do it when hanging onto the rope.
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watch video
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Naomi achieves her goal of 1 unassisted chin up

Naomi Connelly

Naomi set herself a goal of one unassisted chin up. She set this goal a year ago. She has tried and tried and tried for one long year to achieve this illusive goal. She has worked tirelessly with resistance bands and more recently on negative chin ups and finally on Tuesday this week she attempted an unassisted chin up and not only did one but three!! Awesome achievement! Well done Nomes!!
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Susan Hawley
Susan Hawley is one of our 6am Fitchicks. She trains consistently and rarely misses a session. She is also a great source of encouragement to the other Fitchicks. She has set herself a lofty goal of running a marathon in July 2014 and is well aware that her strength training is essential in achieving it. Fitchicks training not only provides her with the muscle power needed for this type of endurance event but assists in preventing injuries through weakness or imbalances so often encountered by runners. She is running like a demon and I am in no doubt she will achieve her goal. Keep up the great work Susan!

You can’t live without it!

Dave Lambert
Oxygen Health & Fitness
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