FitChicks Insider VIP Newsletter – Third Edition

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Welcome to the next edition of the Fitchicks Insider VIP Newsletter.


This week heralds the end of the current Kiama FitChicks Club program. For a lot of our FitChicks this program has been the one where everything has come together. They have done most of the exercises before and their technique is right so all they had to do was load on the weight. Each session the FitChicks assess what they are lifting and decide is it heavy enough? But how do you decide that? You can’t put an individual figure on it as we are all different, with different body structures and different abilities. Basically though we should be lifting to a high intensity that is approximately 85% of your 1RM. (Your one repetition maximum, in other words, the amount of weight you could lift only once).


In a study in the journal “Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise”, women burned nearly twice as many calories in the two hours after their workout when they lifted 85% of their 1RM for 8 reps than when they did more reps (15) at a lower weight (45% of 1RM). This may not reflect on the scales as muscle is more dense than fat, but clients typically will drop a dress size or two even if they don’t drop a lot of weight on the scales.


So with one last chance to reach those goals, lift heavy girls and you will achieve great things!

Dave Lambert
Oxygen Health & Fitness
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Trap Bar Deadlift

SpotlightDeadlifts are a great exercise for women as it is a compound exercise working lots of large muscle groups including; erector spinae, gluts, hamstrings, quads, adductor and core muscles. If you only had time for one exercise this would be it.


The trap bar may be slightly intimidating but it has gained widespread support among many coaches as a back friendly alternative to the traditional straight bar deadlift. Here’s how to do it:

1. Step inside the hexagonal shape with your feet equal distance between front and back of the bar.
2. Push your hips and butt back behind you to start bending over towards the floor. Once you’ve tilted over beyond 45 degrees, bend your knees and squat down to reach the handles.
3. Grip the side handles tight, choke them and transfer that same tightness to your lats by pulling your shoulder blades back and down.
4. Brace your stomach like you’re about to take a punch. Stand up by driving your feet into the ground, straightening your legs and thrusting your hips forward. As you approach the top of the lift, squeeze your glutes hard.
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Make a double chin when deadlifting
Keep your chin down while performing the move. A protruding chin will add strain to your neck.
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Tammy Aims High
SpotlightOur current reigning FitChick of the year, Tammy Langlois, set herself some pretty tough goals at the start of this program. One of them was to master a trap bar dead lift of 100kg for 6 reps X 3 sets. To put this in context, she is lifting just over 1.5 times her body weight!! Tammy started at a 70 kg Deadlift and slowly increased her weights over the 5 weeks until finally in the last week she achieved her goal. Tammy has the drive and the determination to keep going forward and working towards her goals. She also shows it is good to aim high because you might just get there if you put the work in.
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Marnies Determined Return
SpotlightMarnie is a 7pm FitChick who recently rejoined the group after being forced to avoid training for 8 weeks following surgery. When she came back she was determined to regain any strength or fitness she had lost, and she definitely did that!  She has progressed from a 70kg deadlift to a 95kg deadlift. She squats 58kg, she chest presses 17kg and does 18 parallel bar dips with ease. All you have to say to Marnie is “You can do it” and she steps up and does it.
You can read Marnie’s recent Testimonial here:Spotlight
What changes have you noticed in your physique since starting with Oxygen Health & Fitness?

When I started at Oxygen Health & Fitness the first thing which attracted me was exercising outdoors, in generally smaller groups, where i could enjoy the spectacular scenery of Kiama. I have always played competitive sports and historically tried every fitness program imaginable, often stopping due to boredom. It is only now (being part of the Oxygen family) that I feel I have truly pushed myself to new limits in strength and the variety of the sessions, Challenge Weeks, Super Saturdays and different training program’s ensure that I NEVER get bored anymore. I now LOVE the feeling I get having finished a tough session with the inspirational and motivational trainers and watching the grit and determination of other team members pushing through to achieve their goals and dreams. I don’t think I’ve worked this hard or achieved so much so quickly on any other program and yet I don’t feel pressured to perform or criticised if I’m lagging behind. Nothing is an issue and I never feel inferior or judged.
I have to exercise for stress relief and find it hard to fit in enough sessions, but its worth foregoing some things to be part of this wonderful group of like-minded people.
Since starting FitChicks I’ve noticed much more muscle definition and energy! I’ve lifted weight I never thought possible and have come from not being able to do a chin-up to save myself, to being able to do all 18 unassisted! (Thanks Jill & Dave).
Since joining Oxygen I eat better, I feel better, I enjoy exercising, I see results in not only myself but also other members and I love regularly setting and smashing my goals.

What’s the best part about being an Oxygen Member?

Definitely the variety of sessions, being outdoors, the belief of the trainers in my ability to do something which my head tells me I can’t (which I actually find that I can!), the overall health benefits (Body Balance/Precision Nutrition, FitChicks, one on one accountability chats) and having group forums like our secret FB pages where we can all post our frustrations, goals, accomplishments, motivational comments and our thanks for the support we get. And meeting new friends!

What advice would you give to someone who’s thinking about joining?
I tell everyone about Oxygen but I often get comments like – “I’m a lone exerciser, I don’t like to be pushed, I just go at my own pace, its costly, the times don’t suit, I’m too unfit to keep up………” THERE IS NO EXCUSE, You have NOTHING without your health – you have no idea what you’re missing out on and the changes it will make to your life, mind and body.

You can’t live without it!

Dave Lambert
Oxygen Health & Fitness
02 4233  2963

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