FitChicks set high standard for fitness groups in Kiama

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Welcome to another FitChicks Insider VIP Newsletter where we share the most effective exercises, the most useful technique tips and the most dramatic success stories.


Last week FitChicks Kiama resumed training for 2015 and underwent a thorough Assessment process that covered everything from girth measurements, body fat, functional movement skill and some tough strength testing across the major muscle groups. On top of that we have been assessing the strengths and weaknesses of their entire nutrition and exercise program to determine some Short and Long Term Goals for the year ahead.


Now that we have ALL that information we’re ready to rock and the hard work at Oxygen Health & Fitness officially begins.
Read on for this week’s news…


Dave Lambert

Oxygen Health & Fitness

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Squat AAger

Squats target muscles across the entire body and take your overall strength to new levels.They promote a stronger core and make you mentally tough.

Good form is critical if you want the benefits without the negative side effects associated with performing them improperly. To get the full benefits of this compound exercise and to target the most muscle fibers, you will need to know how to do them right. This means for most people, starting back at the beginning.

Building the foundation to better squat with a barbell, involves first learning the fundamentals with bodyweight-only movements, incorporating a better warm-up, working on your overall mobility, and developing more core strength.

Before you begin squatting, you should make it a goal to focus on quality over quantity.

Learning to squat should be a progression with a top-down training approach.  When you squat, only go down as far as you can without losing good form. Here’s how:

Step 1:
  Setup directly under the bar; withyour hands in as close to your shoulders as possible to create tension in the upper back.

Step 2:  Bring your chest upwards (create a big chest) while you squeeze the bar as hard as you can with your hands.  Pull your elbows down until they are pointed at the ground and tighten the lats.

Step 3:  Take a big breath and hold it.  Lift the bar off the rack and take one step back with each foot.  You’ll want to minimize the number of steps you take and perfect your step back technique.  This will be critical for heavier squats.  You don’t want to be shuffling around with your feet when the heavy bar is on your back.

Step 4:  ‘Reset your air’ by getting another big belly breath prior to squatting down.  Drive your chest up, elbows down and keep your eyes forward.

Step 5:  Stay tall and keep your torso long while hinging your hips slightly back and pushing your knees apart as you pull yourself downward with your hips.

Step 6:  When you reach the bottom, reverse the movement and drive powerfully back to the top.


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Tighten the lats

As described above in Step 2, drive your chest up, pull the elbows down under the bar and tighten the lats by gripping the bar so tight you feel like you could “melt” it in your hands.


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Conditioning off the charts!

After a well earned Xmas break, I have been super impressed with the effort and intensity FitChicks have shown at our CONDITIONING Sessions at our first week back at training. There’s been some Heavy Sled pushes, Battle Ropes, Skipping Ropes, Tyre Flips, Kettlebell Swings, Med Ball Slams, Burpees as well some mean Finishers but FitChicks are starting the New Year off in style as they push the heart rates to the limits. Most of the sessions have only been around 20-25 minutes but at an intensity most people are too afraid to push themselves to. This sort of training is the key to fast fat loss. Keep it up chicks!

Megan Carolyn Sleds


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Jess rises up

Carolyn Francis TRX Pull Up

Jess Williams has been a Member of Oxygen for around 3 years after initially following in mum Leanne’s footsteps. At the ripe old age of 16, Jess has grown through ranks of the Oxygen regime from a quiet, shy Boot Camper at age 13 to a confident, strong, goal driven FitChick. Despite some growing pains and troubles with her lower back, Jess has trained around her injuries and been very consistent with her attendance and effort for a long period of time.


The past 18 months she has put an extra emphasis on Nutrition incorporating the 10 Rules of Precision Nutrition and eating lots of protein and vegetables to support her training.This two pronged approach to nutrition and exercise have coincided with big improvements to her school grades but it’s what Jess has learned outside the classroom that will guide her for life. The habits that are now ingrained, her willingness to continue doing them and the support and accountability of a healthy family have her in great stead.


Just this week she recorded a 65kg Squat and a 45kg Incline Press but what impressed me and everyone else at this morning’s session was her very S.M.A.R.T Goal Setting. Jess knows exactly what she wants to achieve over the next 2 months and boldly told everyone exactly how she was going to do it. Watch this space for big things to come from young Jess Williams.



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