Focus on getting Better Results for your Kiama Boot Camp program


This week’s episode of Oxygen TV is fairly quick but a relevant topic to touch on.  It’s something we were talking about last Monday but the theme of Focus is important, especially again today.


We had a bit of a cold snap this morning that kept a few people away from Kiama Boot Camp.  Normally after the Easter weekend we’d have a pretty busy Tuesday with lots of people keen to burn off the chocolate and alcohol from the long weekend.  But numbers were down a bit and I know the weather played a part in that.

You see, when there no Focus, no specific goal driving you to get out of bed and hit training, it’s all to easy to sleep in and justify it to yourself somehow.  Add some unfavourable weather and training slips even further down the priority list.

But what happens if it’s cold again tomorrow? And the next day.  And then it rains.  And then it’s Winter and it’s even colder.  You get where I’m going with this and it all spells bad news for your training and ultimately your results.


So whatever result you’re after, Focus on it and use the SMART Goal setting strategy to turn it into reality.


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