It's all about friendship at Oxygen Fitness in Kiama

Well Bring a Friend Fortnight is underway here at Oxygen in Kiama and I’m happy to say that lots of people have brought in their friends!

It’s a special promotion we’ll be running once or twice a year and it’s a great time for everyone to be thankful for the friends and family in their life. What better way to thank them than to give them the gift of health and fitness?

Famous friends

It sure does help though that there’s some nice little rewards for you too. For  more details on our Referral Rewards click here. For this special promotion though, there are EXTRA rewards for you. If you’re a PT client, you’ll get an extra session for every time one of your friends trains with us. For Group Training Clients, you’ll get 4 weeks group training FREE plus the usual Referral Reward for every Member that joins. For example, your friend Joe Bloggs comes along and joins up on our Unlimited Group Training for $99 every 4 weeks. You will get 4 weeks free Group Training PLUS $100 Cash Referral Reward! It’s WIN/WIN all the way around for everyone!

But hurry, they must sign up in January 2010. Offer expires 1st February 2010.

There’s one special friend I want to quickly mention and how they impact on my life. She’s the funniest person I know and the funnest to hang out with. She’s hard working, independent and strong willed. She’s a crucial member of this business and makes my life a hell of a lot easier by getting more of the important things done to continue moving forward. I’m so thankful to have her in my life and this Saturday it’s her Birthday!  Don’t forget to wish Cass a Happy 21st Birthday at Boxing on Saturday.

Back on the topic of your friends, keep bringing them in. They have the rest of January to come and sample our services so keep at them, drag them along and enjoy some training sessions together. They WILL thank you for it, and they’ll have some fun in the process.

Finally on the topic of fun, please note the change to our schedule for next Tuesday 26th January, Australia Day. We have only ONE session on for the day, at the sleep in time of 8am. This session will be approximately 1 hour and will focus on having a bit of fun whilst still being active in the great outdoors. We’ll have frisbee games, touch footy, soccer and even some modified handball and netball type games that will cater to all skill levels. Bring the family and kids along and help celebrate how lucky we are to live in Australia. Later in the day at Hindmarsh Park, there is an Evening Concert hosted by Kiama Council with musicians, dancers and other entertainment. The festivities will run from 5pm-8pm so bring a picnic rug and check it out.

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