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Welcome to another Oxygen Health & Fitness Weekly Wrap. Can you believe January is almost over already? As busy as everyone seems to be, many of the people I’ve talked to have been looking forward to this week as it represents getting back to normality. Holidays are over. Every one’s back at work. Kids are back at school. I guess that leaves no more excuses, so February should see plenty of consistent training and great results. Nothing can stop us now!
Dave Lambert
Oxygen Health & Fitness
What’s Been Happening?
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Wanda was extreme
I participated in my 3rd Wanda Xtreme Fun Run over the weekend and it was hard bloody work. Wanda Xtreme is a 6km soft sand adventure through the infamous Wanda sand dunes. This truly unique event is an entirely barefoot affair and as such leaves you with a different type of muscle soreness after the event. A number of other Oxygen clients have done this event in the past but this year I took it on with a mate of mine and for a guy weighing in at 115kg he did a great job finishing in 46 min. I scraped in with a time of 39 min but our highlight of the day was meeting cricket legends Steve Waugh and Glen McGrath who helped officiate the day.
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Boot Campers kicking butt
Great to see some consistently high attendances from our new Kiama Boot Camp clients in their first week of training. There’s been a good exchange of motivation and energy as new clients tend to inspire some of our long serving members and the newbies get to see first hand what it takes to train hard and be part of “The Crew in Blue” that is Oxygen Health & Fitness.

I know a big part of this motivation stems from people setting New Year’s Resolutions for themselves so I wanted to share the following stats with you. It basically shows the dropout rates over the course of the year. One simple tactic that I learned a few years ago is the concept of Process v Outcome goals. Everyone has a desired outcome goal whether it be Lose 15kgs, size 10 jeans, build bigger biceps by 3cm each arm etc. These outcome goals are long term goals usually. Think of process goals as the habits or activities required to get you there. Initially your goal should be simply to develop the habit itself.

In 2013, I determined for myself that training 5 times per week (consisting of 3 strength and 2 cardio) was productive and realistic for me to achieve my goals. Based off that knowledge I have the number 250 on my vision board in my office. It represents 50 weeks x 5 sessions per week for a Yearly Process Goal. By the end of January I should be at 20 and as of today I’m at 19 so I’m a few sessions ahead. There will be some weeks in the year where my progress will be stifled and other weeks where I have more time but I’ll always have 250 in mind.

I encourage you to look at what a realistic weekly commitment is for you and use this method to help keep you on track in 2014 in the top 10% like the little blue guy at the bottom of the picture.
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Ali Crofts
Ali has racked up Performance Points at INTERVAL RUN, BOXING and FITCHICKS and STRENGTH over the past week. Always consistent, Ali is hard working and talented across a range of skills but she has been rewarded for her continual effort and for always bringing a smile and great attitude to training. Ali finished second in our Member of the Year Awards last year so maybe she’s gunning for the top prize in 2014.
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Weekly Wisdom
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What’s Coming Up?
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Friday 31st January
7am Gloria Jeans Kiama
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Saturday 1st February
7:30am Surf Beach
Saturday 8th February
Sochi Super Saturday Winter Olympics

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