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Welcome to the Oxygen Health & Fitness Weekly Wrap. Our 2 for 1 Special is in full swing and Kiama Boot Camp numbers have surged as Kiama residents strive to keep those Winter calories at bay. There’s some great information today about Goal Setting and ways to keep you motivated towards achieving them. I’ve also got all the usual updates below as well as some upcoming events you won’t want to miss. Enjoy…

Dave Lambert
Oxygen Health & Fitness


What’s been happening?

Fitness Assessments in Kiama

It was great to see a packed house last Friday as we conducted our Monthly Fitness Assessment. Aerobic capacity, Muscular Strength & Endurance, Power and Flexibility tests were undertaken as well as the all important Girth Measurements. The good thing is we now have a baseline from which to measure. Follow up is the critical key though, to gauge where you have improved from one month to the next.

Now I’m sure everyone out there would like to lose at least a little body fat so pay close attention to the following statement:

When setting your fitness goals concentrate on the process as well as the outcome.
For example, you may have a weight loss of goal of say 10kg. You may have even taken it a step further and set a realistic deadline of Xmas 2013 (another important step in the goal setting process).

Rather than now being so focussed on that Long Term Goal of losing 10kg by Xmas (Outcome) focus on the Short Term Goals over the next 4-6 weeks that are going to get you to where you want to be. These might include:
a) attending a minimum 5 Oxygen sessions per week
b) Stop skipping breakfast and instead start every day with protein & vegetables
c) focus on improving your aerobic capacity by taking your beep test from Level 5 – 6

Do you think it’s possible if you can tick off those three things in a month’s time you’ll be lighter, fitter and more motivated?

It’s important to note that just by writting your goals down and sharing them with someone you’re definitely ahead of most people who just wish for things. But, there’s still a lot of work to be done. When setting these goals and plans ask yourself, how committed am I to actually doing the work required? Kiama Personal Trainers can give you ALL the help you need to be successful but you have to want to do it for yourself.

If you want help to set and achieve your Goals just book one of the 6 places for our Free Group Goal Setting Consultation this Friday 7am at Gloria Jeans. See below in the What’s Coming Up Section of our Newsletter.

Winter Warriors

Our attendance challenge continues to surge through Winter and drag many an Oxygen Boot Camp member along for the ride. Just as a quick reminder you get points the following ways:

  • 1 pt for every Oxygen session attended.
  • 2 pts IF you attend the randomly selected Double Points Session
  • 1 pt if you Post directly on the Oxygen Health & Fitness – Kiama Facebook page by 9am Sat

By the end of Winter, there are prizes like Oxygen merchandise and Massage vouchers up for grabs. It’s just one way to keep everyone that extra bit motivated through Winter

The current standing for Winter Warriors are:

1. Claire Osborne
2. Deni Murray
3. Susan Hawley, Rylee Cole
4. Erin Allen
5. Deb Chatfield, Tammy Langlois

Weekly Wisdom


What’s coming up?

Workout of the Month

Friday 12th July
6am Kiama High School

For those who are new to the concept, the Workout of the Month is a set STRENGTH workout which is different to all the other STRENGTH sessions during the week. It is always a full body workout done at high intensity and often only lasts for 5-15 minutes. Participants either have:
a)  a set number of rounds to do as fast as possible
b) a set time limit to complete as many repetitions or rounds as possible

Each week times or scores are recorded so that when you come back the following Friday you have your own personal target to beat.

I want to re-enforce THREE messages about these workouts:

  1. Always ensure you use the best technique before worrying about speed of movement.
  2. You’re in competition against YOURSELF, nobody else.
  3. Rather than see Fridays as an effort to get up for such a short workout, view Fridays as a treat because Fridays are only a short workout! It’s hard, it’s fast but it’s over quick.
It’s all about INTENSITY and these workouts can get significant results when you apply yourself.
Group Consultation

Friday 12th July
7am Gloria Jeans

Whether you’re a seasoned Oxygen veteran or a Boot Camper who is new to the scene, I urge EVERYONE to take advantage of this valuable FREE service. Why?

If you’ve just started with us there’s a very high chance you don’t know exactly what’s required to move you forward towards your goals. It could be exercise related, nutrition improvements or both.

On the other hand, sometimes we all go through periods of our life where there is no real focus on fitness or nutrition. Sometimes it’s the “I’m just too busy at the moment, as long as I’m getting there 3  x week I’m happy.” Othertimes it’s “I already know what I need to do” or it may just be that you don’t have a goal and therefore whe n times get busy there’s no dricing force to get you out of bed on a cold winter morning.

Let me make this perfectly clear:

EVERYONE has a Goal.

NOONE puts themselves through the pain & discomfort of intense exercise for the sake of it.

Whether you admit to that or not, you have a goal. It may be:

Performance related ie I want to run a half marathon, do my first chin up, stop my knees from aching.
Body Composition related ie I want to lose 5kg, reduce my waist, build bigger biceps
Health ie I want more energy, to improve my nutrition because I have a family history of heart disease,

Even on the outside chance that you know exactly what you need to do, would it hurt to seek some free advice from a Team of experts that help people set these goals every day. Of course not.

To discuss your Goals and determine a clear path forward, we will help you set Short Term Goals and identify the Number ONE priority for the week ahead that will move you closer to your goal.

Click here to book in. Hurry places limited to 6 people only!

City 2 Surf RUN SQUAD

Saturday 12th July
6am Surf Beach
10km run



Saturday 12th July
730am Surf Beach


Women’s Fitness Super Saturday

Saturday 20th July
730am Kiama High School


We announced last week that our most famous event, the Saddleback Smashwill receive some incredible publicity by appearing in both Women’s Fitness and Men’s Fitness Magazines.

Both these publications are national magazines and they will be visiting Kiama in July for interviews and to taste-test the event known as Australia’s Toughest Fun Run!

Women’s Fitness will be here NEXT Saturday 20th July and we’ll be putting on an Oxygen Special – Super Saturday. This workout will be a Strength & Conditioning Combo that is sure to test clients of all abilities.

The Super Saturday Session starts 730am at Kiama High School.

New Precision Nutrition 101 Course Starts

Monday 22nd July
7pm Kiama High School

Whether you want to improve your health, body composition or performance improving your nutrition IS the answer. Enter the next 12 Week PN101 Nutrition Coaching Course in Kiama and not only will you get the results you’re after but you could win a holiday here in Vanuatu for your troubles!

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