How to Keep Your Cool with Fitness Training in Kiama

Being the last week of summer we’re obviously looking at lower temperatures over the next 6 months.  I’ve had a few clients, friends and even curious onlookers ask me what we do in the cooler conditions of autumn and winter.

Well I’m here to tell you, NOTHING CHANGES!  In the rain, we still train.  In the cool, let exercise rule.  If there’s a gale, we’re training, don’t bail.  If it gets cold, keep moving, don’t fold.  If there’s lightening, we may stop, that’s frightening.

But seriously, why would we do anything different?

For me personally, Autumn is my favourite time of year, especially for training.  Instead of humid, sweaty sessions we get fresh, crisp conditions.  It’s the time of year for some of the most spectacular sunrises you will ever see.  It’s not hot but it’s not cold either, it’s just right.

There are some great fitness related events coming up that we can focus our energies towards, including a number of  south coast 5km fun runs such as: Shellharbour Festival of Sport Shell Cove Fun Run (next Sunday), The Mother’s Day Classic (in May) and the Kiama Health, Sport & Fitness Expo.  There’s the very first Kiama Relay for Life on the 1st of May which is a great community event that raises money for the Cancer Council. Oxygen will have a big presence at the Relay for Life and we will be looking for your support on a day where we will be remembered, thats for sure. For distance and longer runs there’s the Sutherland to Surf, Bondi to Bronte, and City2Surf – the world’s largest running event.

Not long after that, I’ll be competing in my 3rd Sydney Tower Run-Up.  That’s a run up the stairs of Centrepoint Tower, all 1508 steps.  It sounds crazy and it probably is, but there’s nothing more rewarding than achieving a goal you have set for yourself.  All these are external events to Oxygen Kiama, but something we can train for collectively as a fitness group.

Internal events within Oxygen include our very first “Road Trip” at the end of March to a mystery location, as well as a local session with a couple of “special guest” Trainers that’s not to be missed.  There’s a very green St Patrick’s Day session, Dave’s Birthday Bash in April, an ANZAC themed training session and for Winter Solstice in June (the shortest day of the year) there are some super sessions we’ve put together titled “short and sweet”.  You’re gunna love ’em.

We have some great info in the latest “Richly Rewarding Living” newsletter which you will all receive in the mail soon.  In there we share tips on how to avoid the blues and stick to your Winter training schedule.  Hydration, nutrition, recovery and the right clothing will all contribute to your performance levels.  Not only functional but also very trendy – check out the design of our Oxygen hoodies below.  These will sell fast so grab one of the first 20 by paying your $50 at class now. First in, best dressed!

Oxygen Hoodie


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