Kiama Boot Camp get back to basics

Welcome to another Monday Motivator to kickstart your week. Today I’ve got a really simple but important message to get across. It’s one that carries across most areas of your life but especially so when it comes to your health & fitness.

The reason I’m using this quote today is because of where things sit at Oxygen Health & Fitness this week. We’ve just been through some big events, some new exercises and some crazy new challenges. Today we resume normal exercise programming as well as launching a six week nutrition plan. It’s a time of year where lots of people contact Kiama Boot Camp wanting the latest magic pill to get them results.

You want amazing results ?

Mastering a few basic exercises and continually trying to improve.
Building a foundation of strength with cardio exercise built on top of that.
Eating a diet of lean protein, vegetables, healthy fats and appropriately times carbohydrates.
Consistently applying these basic fundamentals will drastically improve your performance and physique.
Who loves ya?

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