Kiama Boot Camp’s busiest week of Winter so far

Welcome to the Oxygen Health & Fitness Weekly Wrap. This past week has been our busiest week in a while with one internal program finishing, another just starting and some other very exciting news. Read on…

Dave Lambert
Oxygen Health & Fitness


What’s been happening?

Exciting News for the Saddleback Smash

Our most famous event, the Saddleback Smash will receive some incredible publicity.

It has been confirmed that both Men’s Fitness and Women’s Fitness, (which are national magazines) will be visiting us in July for interviews and to taste-test the event known as Australia’s Toughest Fun Run!

They have no idea what they’re in for!

As a side note, we have opened Early Bird Registrations and NO you dont’ have a choice.  Sunday 13th October you’ll be there!


2 for 1 Kiama Boot Camp

Our latest advertised special for Boot camp attracted about 14 new clients. After the awful stretch of wet weather we had, the appeal of training under cover has clearly generated a great response. As temperatures drop towards the peak of Winter you can imagine that will be even more attractive. For all those new Boot Campers you can download a copy fo the TrainingTimetable here.

Precision Nutrition 101 Winners Announced

It was my absolute pleasure to announce on Monday that we had not 1, not 2 but 3 Winners take out our recent 12 week Kiama Nutrition Coaching Challenge. Congratulations must go out to Deb Chatfield who has overcome long term digestive health issues and lost about 7cm along the way. If you know Deb she didnt have much to lose and doing this nutrition challenge was always about the health side BUT nobody’s going to be disappointed losing a bit of belly fat are they? Well done Deb!

Jessica Williams, who today turns 15 (Happy birthday Jess!) was another Winner. For a girl who ate carbs at every meal, Jess is now someone that now eats carbs AFTER exercise only (there’s a lesson in case you didn’t know) and eats Protein and Veg at every meal (there’s another lesson right there.) The biggest change we noticed with Jess was a massive improvement in confidence in both how she LOOKS and FEELS. I might remind you she is 15! At an age when many girls face serious body image issues Jess is a role model to her peers. In fact, she recently had friends over and after staying up all night chatting she woke up an hour earlier than all her friends and cooked them all a nutritious breakfast! Great job Jess!

Leanne Williams entered PN101 basically to support her daughter Jess. Leanne was already in fantastic shape but found she developed much better food preparation strategies to make sure she ate more frequently whilst also changing the composition of a lot of her meals. This meant even more veges than she ate but moreso protein in place of some of the starchy carbs she would typically eat. Like Deb, Leanne didn’t have much to lose BUT the pictures here show much improved mucle tone around the back and stomach thanks to improved eating and some serious FitChicks training (like doing chin ups with 2.5kg attached to her!)

In the end we could not split these 3 participants who in only 12 WEEKS, changed habits that they have had for YEARS. Bloody champions!

If you’d like to Enter the next 12 Week Precision Nutrition 101 Course it starts Monday 22nd July!

SPARTAN Training Club Kiama complete another Program

Last week I said I had to take my hat off to the FitChicks girls who just smashed through another program. Well, I have had the pleasure of training alongside Dan Turnbull, David Files, Daniel Rouse Stanton and Bruce Borchardt and we have all just annihilated another program as well. There’s been some seriously tough strength exercises as well as some technical based power skills and the changes in physiques are going great.

It reminds me of a great quote for training I’ve seen and a great lesson for anyone to learn:

“Improve your performance and your physique will follow.”
Winter Warriors

Our Oxygen Health & Fitness attendance challenge after the first month of WInter has seen a change in the ranks which should create some healthy competition.

In case you’re not up to speed with this competition, you get 1 point for every Oxygen Health & Fitness session attended. Then, each Saturday there are more points up for grabs by being there at Gloria Jeans for the 830 Coffee Club. It’s a great way to unwind after the Saturday 6am RUN SQUAD or 730am BOXING. If you update the world via Facebook to report how many sessions yo have done you’ll get 1 point. Then ONE randomly selected session will be drawn out of a hat and if you attended that session you’ll receive DOUBLE points.

By the end of Winter, there are prizes like Oxygen Health & Fitness merchandise and Massage vouchers up for grabs. It’s just one way to keep everyone that extra bit motivated through Winter

The current standing for Winter Warriors are:

1. Claire Osborne
2. Deni Murray
3. Susan Hawley, Naomi Connelly
4. Amber Turnbull, Rylee Cole, Erin Allen
5. Lisa Morris.
As a side note re Facebook Check Ins, please “Like” our page and then post straight on our wall here to claim your points.

Weekly Wisdom

What’s coming up?

Fitness Assessment

TOMORROW Fri 5th July
6am Kiama High School

Group Consultation

TOMORROW Fri 5th July
7am Gloria Jeans

This is a great opportunity for everyone to take advantage of this valuable FREE service. Why? If you are getting your Fitness assessed tomorrow you can meet me straight after to discuss your Goals and determine a clear path forward. We will help you set Short Term Goals and identify the Number ONE priority for the week ahead that will move you closer to your goal.

Click here to book in for your Free Health & Fitness Consultation . Hurry places limited to 6 people only!

City 2 Surf RUN SQUAD

Saturday 6th July
6am Surf Beach
8km run


Saturday 6th July
730am Surf Beach

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