Kiama Boot Camp hosts Women’s Fitness Magazine

What’s been happening?

Super Saturday

This past Saturday we had a visit from the National Magazine, Women’s Fitness Australia in Kiama. The angle of their story is that Kiama is a great holiday destination for active type people. They had an itinerary set by Kiama Tourism  that included stand up paddle boarding, the Kiama Coastal track, Minnamurra Rainforest and an “idea” of the Saddleback Smash.

When they realised the Saddleback Smash was created by us, a workout with Oxygen was added to their itinerary. And what a workout it was! 8 mini workouts that were all 5 minutes long was a serious test of strength and endurance. We pulled out some of the usual suspects like dumbbells, med balls and bar bells but there were also some different torture tools like kettle bells and the dreaded punisher sled.

Congratulations to those members who received a subscription to Women’s Fitness Magazine for their hard work, keep an eye on your mail box.

The Womens Fitness crew were very impressed with the culture and camaraderie of everyone at Oxygen and considering they do both Boot camp and Cross fit, that is a big compliment to us so thank you to everyone that participated including my team of trainers, Jill, Kerry and Traci. It takes a lot of effort to organise and coordinate these big events so their help is much appreciated.

Feed back from members has been overwhelmingly positive so keep an eye out for more Super Saturday events in the near future…

Feedback from both Kiama Tourism and Women’s Fitness Australia is that Emma and Vince slept very well but were very impressed by both Oxygen Health & Fitness and the notorious section of Saddleback Smash known as Hell Hill (yes I made them run up there with me!) They’ve decided to make the September story solely on the Saddleback Smash with an extra Kiama feature the following issue. Woo hoo!

Monday Madness

In an exciting sign for the months ahead, I am happy to report that Kerry Philps Monday night Boxing session was the largest attendance at any midweek Oxygen Health & Fitness session since…. EVER!

It was largely unexpected but from all reports it was a typically high energy session with taunts of “harder, faster” echoing throughout the school grounds.

The energy flowed on into the start of our Precision Nutrition 101 Course where there are now 20 people participating in a quest to improve their health, performance and body composition. Some of our past graduates are backing up in a mentor role to assist some of the Rookies. This will not only fast track their success but take the experienced members of the group to the next level. I’ve got a good feeling about this group and I cant wait to see some of the transformations!


Renee had to run
It is with regret I announce that staff member Renee Miller will no longer be working for us. Our inaugural member of the year from 2010 and someone who I have been training since about 2006, Renee has always represented everything I love about training clients – she’s fit, fast, friendly and has that fire in the belly to push herself.

Renee is now at that stage in her life with young kids that she cant commit to the often difficult hours of life as a personal trainer. She has offered to be our back up trainer for Saturdays in the event we need help and there’s still a strong chance we’ll see her at Saddleback Smash and Challenge week but someone new will have to step up to lead the Running REDs.

I’m excited to announce though that another fast blonde will take over the reins as running Coach and that’s none other than Jill Files. In fact Jill will be attending an Injury Prevention for Runners Course in the coming weeks to further develop her expertise in this area.


Winter Warriors

I wanted to give a slightly different update this week for our Winter Warrior attendance challenge . I say challenge because it may have been lost on some people that this a challenge not a competition.

Just to remind everyone any member who compiles between 78 and 90 sessions in Winter wins an extra Oxygen training singlet.

Any member who compiles 91+ sessions wins a free massage from either J W Health or Brookfield Remedial.

So if you are currently at or around 40 sessions (like Lisa Morris, Tammy Langlois, Rylee Cole, Deb Chatfield, Erin Allen, Jess Toland, Linda Kleemann) you are right on track to earn yourself that new singlet. If you are closer to 50 marks like (Susan Hawley, Deni Murray, Claire Osborne ) you are staring down the barrel of a well earnt remedial massage.

Keep workin’ Warriers!


Weekly Wisdom

What’s coming up?

Work out of the Month

6am Kiama High School

26th July 2013

Two weeks ago Kerry Philp unleashed her July workout of the month with a heart pumping 20 reps of a number of different exercises. Due to the extraordinary Women’s Fitness Magazine event last week the timetable was altered and unfortunately we missed our usual Friday fix. But tomorrow at 6am you have one more chance for the month to improve your initial time.

Group Consultation

26th July 2013

7am Gloria Jeans

Need help to set some goals for yourself?
Need help to stay accountable?
Want to meet up with some of your fellow Oxygen pals to ask about how they’ve achieved success?

Reply to this email to claim one off the six places available.

If you’d like to sit down and chat but this timeslot doesn’t suit you reply email and let me know if another 7am or 5pm time would suit. I cant promise anything but we would like to open another time slot for this valuable free service

Saturday 27th July

Run squad

6am Surf Beach

We have arranged a bus for City to Surf and there are currently 4 spots left. If you want in reply email and its yours for $45.


730am Surf Beach

Mens Fitness tour

1pm Saddleback Mountain Road

Just one week after the Women’s Fitness crew tackled Hell Hill, Mens Fitness editor Simon Butler will join me on the full 6km journey that is Saddleback Smash. I’m meeting him at Little Blowhole Cafe where I advised him to order nothing more than a “light lunch” for obvious reasons

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