Kiama Boot Camp members improving out of sight

What’s been happening?
Fitness Assessments
Last Friday your Kiama Personal Trainers held Fitness Assessments again providing Kiama Boot Camp clients and regular members the opportunity to gauge their progress. It may be growing old with some of our long term clients but I’ll say it again:
“If you’re not assessing, you’re just guessing”
Congratulations to the following clients on their most recent improvements:

  • Guy Farland – from 42 to 50 push ups and 4.15 to 5.10 plank. Wow!
  • Narelle Hooke – 7.2 to 9.4 in the beep test
  • Susan Hawley – 3.5cm off her hip measurements
  • Tammy Langlois – 1.5cm off an already slim waist
But the most impressive results in a number of categories goes to a long term hard working client by the name of….. Deni Murray! Deni has gone from 8.1 to 9.1 in her beep test, 38 to 50 push ups and recently bench pressed 50kg!! She’s been boxing, kicking, running sprints and running distance, building strength and focussing on improving her performance. This focus has led to a 2kg weight loss, 7cm off her waist and 5cm off her hips. Congratulations Deni, you are our member of the month!!
City 2 Surf Training wraps up

Our final training session for the Worlds Largest Fun Run wrapped up last Saturday with a monstrous run. After a lot of great feedback from last years final run, I decided to use the same route. What I failed to remember was last year it started from Hindmarsh Park but this year all our runs have been from Surf Beach. This ended up adding another 1.5km to the run which was already 14km long!

In the end, as promised, the scenery was spectacular as we ran along the coast right to the end of Minnamurra and back. This was followed up with more great scenery as we destroyed the Sebel Harbourside’s new breakfast buffet overlooking Kiama Harbour. As a nice reward to all the runners, Claire Osborne drew the double points session which was thoroughly well deserved.

I am really proud of our City2 Surf squad this year. It’s been 9 weeks worth of hard training and we’ve had consistently high numbers right the way through. We’ve got everyone from the serious runner to the absolute beginner. We’ve done the work, we’ve got the transport organised. The only thing between us and the euphoria of finishing is a 14km stretch from Hyde Park to Bondi Beach. Oh and 90,000 people!!

Best of luck to everyone this Sunday, you’ll do Oxygen proud, I know it.

Winter Warriors
Our clients continue to rock up to multiple sessions and give 100% effort. Claire Osborne, Deni Murray and Susan Hawley are still on track for the well deserved remedial massage kindly supplied by Cindy Brookfield and Jamie Williams. Followed closely by Tammy Langlois, Erin Allen, Rylee Cole, Lisa Morris, Linda Kleemann and Jess Toland, who are all on track for a new singlet.

Semi Private Training Clients Breaking barriers

As our Fitchicks and Spartan Training Club members enter the final stages of their current programs I want to send a few shout outs to clients who’ve achieved some significant improvements:

  • Deni Murray -50kg Incline Bench press
  • Rylee Cole – 60 to 85kg deadlift with much improved technique
  • David Files – 70.5kg Incline bench press
I am also excited to announce that we’ll be starting another Fitchicks timeslot at 4pm Monday and Wednesdays from next week.
New programs starting
In the next three weeks your Kiama Personal Trainers will be starting new programs for a number of different sessions on our timetable. These include:
  • Workout of the Month
  • Boot Camp Strength
  • Saturday Run Squad
  • Fitchicks Club
  • Spartan Training Club
It’s gunna be another one of those love/hate relationships through August.
Oxygen Mixed Touch Team celebrates successful season
A big shout out to the members of our mixed touch team who finished an outstanding 2nd out of 40 odd teams. At the Grand Final day on Sunday we were clinical in beating the opposition 6-0 to progress through to quarter finals for the first time in 6 comps. That’s probably the best all round team performance I’ve ever played in in my 25 years playing touch footy. We then came up against an even stronger team and smashed them 5-1 to progress to the last game of the day.
In the final we came up against the brilliant Killmore Carpentry team who have won the last 5 competitions and have generally been playing together for about a decade.
We fought hard with only one substitute and eventually went down 3-1 but I was massively proud of the team and it was a thoroughly enjoyable season. Watch this space for the summer comp….

Weekly Wisdom
What’s coming up?
Friday 9th August
Workout of the Month                                          
6am Kiama High School

Saturday 10th August
7.30am Surf Beach

(please note there is no RUN SQUAD this week)
Sunday 11th August

City 2 Surf
8am Hyde Park

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