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What’s been happening?

Publicity Galore

Just this week we’ve been featured in the media three times. We were back page news in this weeks Kiama Independent after our photoshoot for Saddleback Smash. The feature in Women’s Fitness also hit the newstand today and we were one of only seven events listed nationally under the “Save the date” section. One other unexpected piece of publicity was with Phil Winterton Photography on Tuesday. Phil has been asked to photograph a heap of features in Kiama for both the Kiama Tourism Centre and Council. Part of that includes the outdoor fitness equipment around our coastline that council would like to see more people utilising. Jill and I were asked to demonstrate a few exercises which will feature in brochures and also on their website in the near future.

Spring into Shape Boot Camp

Another 6 week Boot camp began this week with 13 new starters coming on board to get a dose of Oxygen. A new routine of STRENGTH has left the odd client with some muscle soreness but everyone seems committed to the hard work we are dishing out. Trust me when I say you’re going to need it for the upcoming Challenge Week Series 7.

Smash Squad

Last Saturday we stretched our training run to 2km. That might sound easy enough in theory but we are talking about the final 2km of Australia’s Toughest Fun Run. We had a big pack of 30 walkers and runners and as tough as it is (and always will be) I can see a few people starting to gain confidence on Hell Hill already.

If you haven’t yet registered yet, why not?

If you’ve registered and haven’t made it to training on Saturday, why not?

If you have two feet and a heart beat I expect you to be there.

If you are an Oxygen client/boot camper your Challenge Week team expect you to be there.

And if you are not going to do it, well hey, you might as well practice right?



Weekly Wisdom


What’s coming up?

Friday 13th September 2013

Workout of the Month
6am Surf Beach

Saturday 14th September 2013

Smash Squad
6am Kiama High School


Sunday 13th – Saturday 19th October

Challenge Week Series 7



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