Kiama Boot Camp Smashes Super Saturday

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Dave Lambert
Oxygen Health & Fitness


What’s been happening?

Super Saturday goes Irish

Jill Files unleashed her sand slog type session involving three stations of pure hell. Bounding, sprinting and slamming combined with kettlebell swings, barbell rows and body-weight push ups. I was quite looking forward to the Irish yoga that was promised but it never eventuated. Hmmmm…


STRENGTH goes the distance

Always a tough ask when the timer hits 40/20, the latest STRENGTH program hit a new level of intensity this week. The TRX pull ups have proved particularly tough but our Kiama Boot Camp clients have been up to the challenge. Next week brings about a program change but will that make life any easier?

Oxygen Health & Fitness Private Forum Launched

This year we’ve had great success with different Facebook Groups for the services we offer at Oxygen. What initially started as a private forum for our Nutrition coaching clients now involves other separate groups for FitChicksClub, Spartan Training Club and Oxygen Health & Fitness. If you’re wondering why when we already have an Oxygen page, the difference is Privacy. Anyone can “Like” our Oxygen page and indeed we do have people from all around the globe. The Oxygen Group however is a Private Group with only your fellow Oxygen members included. Nobody else on Facebook or the internet in general can see the information that is shared.

It’s a great way for us to quickly update you all on upcoming events, change of locations or any other time sensitive information. It’s also a great place to stay accountable to a “like-minded” community of people who will also be sharing their health & fitness goals. Don’t be shy, interact, ask questions, celebrate each others victories. We will all benefit from it in the long term.

Weekly Wisdom

What’s coming up?

Friday 15th November

7am Gloria Jeans
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Saturday 16th November

7am Surf Beach Kiama

BIG BREAKY                                                                                       
8am Surf Beach Kiama

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  1. Hey you guys you had some interesting times on our girl back in the days We cuernrtly have her out of the water at Whangarei doing a refurb so will post some photos of how she’s coming along.. she’s looking soooo pretty

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