Kiama Boot Camp Training goes to another level

Time for another instalment of the Weekly Wrap from Kiama Boot Camp.

Last week I was away in daydream island in Queensland. It was great to rest up for a few days but like most holidays it went far too quick! In my absence Jill was cracking the whip and everyone seems to be on top of their game. There’s been some great success stories from our clients of late so read on to find out all the latest goss!

Dave Lambert
Oxygen Health & Fitness

What’s been happening?

 Fitchicks Club Changes

We have been forced into some changes with our popular Kiama Fitchicks club sessions with the merging of three groups into two. There is now two slightly larger groups at 6am Mon/Wed and 7PM Tues/Thurs.

We have matched up some compatible pairings in both groups to help take next weeks NEW program to another level.

Spartan Training Club Smashing it!

I have had the pleasure (and pain) of training alongside the Spartan guys over the past 5 weeks. We’re engaged in a serious Kiama strength and conditioning program. We are also learning some more complex and technical full body Olympic lifting movements.

The strength improvements have been significant and noticeable physique transformations are already occurring. A big part of the success of the Kiama Spartan Training Club is the camaraderie and team environment and I am pleased to say we have filled the 6 places with the addition of Dan Turnbull and Brett Nortje. In about a months time we will welcome Jamie Williams into the mix after completion of his second ironman triathlon in the last  4 weeks.  I’ve a feeling he might add something to the group after smashing a personal best time in his 14th ironman recently.

Precision Nutrition 101

As the participants near the halfway mark of our 12 week Nutrition Coaching Course, we’ve gone through a review of some of the key points of the program. This weeks addition was in regards to carbohydrate intake and when you “deserve” to eat them.
When it comes to body composition changes, this carb timing strategy is the single most effective strategy we use to accelerate fat loss.

Speaking of body composition change, the youngest participant in our Kiama Fat loss Program, Jessica Williams, recently lost 7cm from her waist and 3cm off each thigh in only 5 weeks! Go Jess!

Weekly Wisdom

What’s coming up?

Track RunsSaturday 18th May

800, 400, 200, & 100M efforts
6am Kiama Leisure Centre Fields

New STRENGTH Programs for Fitchicks and Kiama Boot Camp

Mon 20th May

Barbells, Bosus, Dumbells, Kettlebells, Skipping ropes – what else will we use?

6am Kiama High School

Precision Nutrition 101 has a new home

Mon 20th May

We now have access and permission to use Kiama High Schools Home economics Room with full kitchen facilities as well as regular classroom necessities like tables and chairs.

This agreement helps strengthen our relationship with the school as well as improving the standard of our Nutrition Coaching by being able to conduct cooking workshops. It is also super convenient for those participants who like to do 6PM Boxing on a Monday night before he 7PM Nutrition session.


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