Kiama Bootcamp continues to thrive

What’s been happening?

We’ve talked about it a lot lately, but it’s worth another mention here because it’s a BIG deal. We had 18 members that took on the World’s Largest Fun Run, City2Surf, with everyone from experienced runners like Geoff McIntyre and Jill Files to debutants likes Erin Allen, Linda Kleemann, Jess Toland, Naomi Connelly, Claire Osborne and Amber Turnbull.
It was an inspiring day with everyone over the moon about their achievements. Congrats to those Rookies who proved to themselves what they are capable of and special mention to Geoff McIntyre and Jill Files who qualified for the Red Group with sub 70 minute times.

Kiama Fit Chicks revolution continues

We kicked off another Fitchicks timeslot yesterday with the start of our 4pm Tuesday/Thursday group. A couple of our 7pm girls have switched to this earlier time and we also have a few rookies who at the time of writing this are currently in intensive care with delayed onset muscle soreness! All our fitchicks groups have started a new program this week which was likely to shock the bodies. However these new rookies were always on a hiding to nothing. The good news though, these girls are going to improve fast and develop a thirst for good hard strength and conditioning when they see and feel the changes to their bodies.

New STRENGTH Program at Kiama Boot Camp

Jill created a great new STRENGTH program this week which changes the focus from lifting for longer (ie 20 sec to 30 sec to 40 sec) to lifting heavier. She’s taken a leaf out of the Fitchicks regime of progressively lifting a little bit more weight each week. So over the next three weeks the timer will stay for 20 secs work with 10 sec rest but we encourage everyone to try and add just an extra 1.25kg plate to each end of the barbell to test yourself.

Winter Warriors

Our top 10 scoring clients are as follows:

1. Deni Murray
2. Claire Osborne
3. Susan Hawley
4. Tammy Langlois
5. Lisa Morris
6. Rylee Cole
7. Erin Allen
8. Linda Kleemann
9. Naomi Connelly
10. Deb Chatfield, Lisa Smith

Keep up the fantastic effort. Your consistency will bring you results.

Weekly Wisdom

What’s coming up?
Friday 16th August
Workout of the Month
6am Kiama High School
The intense new “Sickening Sixty” workout was unveiled last Friday with 60 skips, 60m run and 60 reps (consisting of 20 push ups, 20 jump lunges and 20 pull ups.) This Friday you get a chance to improve your time and take your fitness to another level.
Saturday 17th August

Running Road Trip
6.00am Surf Beach
An event we’ve done several times before, the Running Road Trip is back on the agenda this Saturday. There’s an element of mystery to it but what I can tell you its about an 8km run and we should be done and back in Kiama by 8.30am.

BOXING cancelled 
Due to the Running Road Trip and us being understaffed this weekend there will be none of the usual Saturday antics at Surf Beach. Sorry!

Saddleback Smash

13th October 2013
8am Saddleback Mountain Road at Kiama High School
Early bird registrations close 31st August so click here  to register. Remember to recruit your friends and family to participate in this great Kiama Community event. All proceeds go to Kiama Rotary to help them continue the valuable service they provide to our community. Oxygen Health & Fitness are offering all registered participants access to free Smash training with us on Saturday mornings commencing 31st August. You don’t have to be an Oxygen member to take advantage of the training you just need to sign up and take part.

Group Consultation

The successful Group Consultations we’ve been having on Friday mornings at 7am will be transferred to Monday next week. It may not stay at that time and day but we are playing around with it to see what works best. If you would like to book in for Monday 19th August at 7.15am click here.

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