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This week here at Oxygen Health & Fitness we are celebrating the success of our 2013 Kiama Precision Nutrition Champion, Kat Hayward. Kat recently took out $2000 for the Best Transformation of 2013 with these great Before and After Photos.
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What better Friday Fuel recipe to share than Kats very favourite PN meal, Pesto Chicken Pizza! This recipe ticks all the boxes. It has plenty of flavour with the pesto, sun-dried tomato and paprika, a big serving of lean protein, plenty of veges and some complex carbohydrates great for fueling up after training.

It’s important to save this one for after a good hard workout though, as it does contain starchy carbs in the tortilla base.

Let me know how it goes!

Pesto Chicken Pizza

You can’t live without it!

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