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Welcome to the first February edition of the Oxygen Health & Fitness Weekly Wrap. We’re a month down in 2014 and there’s plenty of Oxygen clients old and new training hard and creating habits that will carry them right through 2014. The key is to set clear goals, review your progress regularly and stay consistent. I’ve got a feeling we’re going to see some fantastic results this year!
Dave Lambert
Oxygen Health & Fitness
What’s Been Happening?
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Our toughest INTERVAL RUN
Yesterday saw every one’s wishes granted for INTERVAL RUN. The focus through January was sand with plenty of stair sets thrown in. After only a few weeks we started to hear grumbles that a change of scenery would be nice. Well nice it wasn’t. “Best of Belvedere” has been voted the toughest INTERVAL RUN in our repertoire by a number of our long serving members and yesterday was no different. Roz Dalley was typically strong, churning out extra sets despite not running since December last year and Sharon Sutherland, new to running with Oxygen, surprised herself and many others with a solid performance on one of the steepest streets in Kiama. This Kiama Running Group is made of the right stuff.
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SPARTAN’s Training the house down
Spartan Training Club is a higher level strength & conditioning service held in a semi-private small group setting. Programs run in 6 week blocks for 2 sessions per week. Last year saw some great improvements in fitness and physiques and the first program of 2014 is continuing on in the same fashion. Some exercises have seen a 30% increase in strength in only 5 weeks. The guys are building power, athleticism and functional strength that should see them become a force to be reckoned with come Challenge Week in March.
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The Monthly Dose makes it’s debut
A classic in the “Oxygen Updates” was resurrected last week as “The Monthly Dose” Newsletter arrived in your mailboxes. We used to mail a Print Newsletter every month but it slipped off the agenda in 2013. After a face lift and some exciting new additions, I’m confident that The Monthly Dose will be the most talked about Newsletter in lounge-rooms all around Kiama.
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Ian Morris
After a strong week of training Ian Morris earns our Member of the Week award for racking up Performance Points at STRENGTH, BOXING and INTERVAL RUN. Great versatility for a guy who is in training to complete his first marathon later this year. Well done Ian!
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3 Months FREE!

This week only, pay upfront for a year of Unlimited Boot Camp and we’ll give you the equivalent of 3 months free!

Weekly Wisdom
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What’s Coming Up?
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Friday 7th February
7am Gloria Jeans Kiama
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Saturday 8th February
Sochi Super Saturday
7:30am Surf Beach Kiama

You can’t live without it!

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