Kiama Spartans Year In Review

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Welcome to the final edition of the Spartan Insider VIP Newsletter for 2013. The end of year is a great time to look back at the year that was and reflect on the things you’ve achieved at Kiamas Spartan Training Club. It’s also a good opportunity to get focused on some goals for the year ahead.

The concept of Spartan Training Club is something I’ve wanted to implement for years – higher level strength & conditioning just for the guys. I’ve played around with different ideas and methods in the past with mixed success. Really, when I look back at some of the methods I used to employ, it doesn’t compare to the programming knowledge I’ve developed through years of in-the-trenches experience. I’m confident of what works and the results are there for all to see.
I’ve really enjoyed training alongside you all whether its been under the bench press, in the squat rack or pushing a sled. I’ve been pushed by you all and I’d like to think I’ve inspired you to do the same. This atmosphere at training has been one of the keys to its success. Spartans have consistently turned up week after week and pushed each other towards new personal bests.

The most exciting week of our year is always Challenge Week, and Spartans completely dominated due to your superior strength and conditioning. That’s only going to raise the standards of future Challenge Weeks and help us attract more of the right type of clients – those that aren’t afraid of hard work, those that work well as a team and those that are committed – Spartans and FitChicks.

I’ve got a bit of a recap below of some of the best sessions of 2013.


Dave Lambert
Oxygen Health & Fitness


Anthony Hammond & Bruce Borchardt – Agility Ladder
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Troy Allen – Battle Ropes
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Bruce Borchardt – Deadlift


Dave Lambert – Power Clean

Dan Turnbull – Plyometric Box Jumps

Anthony Hammond & Jamie Williams – Power Clean

Pete Townley & Troy Allen – “FRAN”

Daniel Rouse Stanton – Dumbbell Press on Fit Ball
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Spartan Cardio – Sleds

David Files – Squats


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Dan Turnbull – Dips
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Guy Farland – 20kg Weighted Chin Ups


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Spartan Cardio – Sledgehammers/Battle Ropes

Guy, Jamie & Troy – Cyclone Ball

Troy, Anthony & Guy – Wall Ball


You can’t live without it!

Dave Lambert
Oxygen Health & Fitness
02 4233  2963

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