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Welcome to another Monday Motivator to get you started for the week.

We’ve got a couple of new Kiama Fitness Programs starting today so it’s going to be a busy week here at Oxygen Health & Fitness. Today’s quote is an appropriate one for those people out there who are embarking on a new health & fitness journey, whether that’s our 21 Day Kiama Boot Camp or our Kiama Nutrition Coaching Group.

It’s also appropriate for those of you out there, who have been at it for a while, whether you’re an Oxygen client or just a subscriber to these emails. You may work out consistently, eat pretty well and yet you haven’t quite achieved the results you’re after.

It’s easy to suffer from low motivation when results aren’t going your way and you may even get a bit down on yourself. That’s perfectly normal but don’t let it keep you down. You have to get yourself back in the right frame of mind and keep trying.

Your health, fitness and self esteem are at stake so it’s bloody well important.

You have to believe in yourself before you expect anyone else to.

Fitness is as much mental as it is physical.

You’ll have some good days, you’ll have some not so good days.That’s life.

Commit to be fit and believe you can do it.

If getting into the best physical shape of your life is on the agenda in 2014, you need to contact us at Oxygen Health & Fitness. It’s what we do best.

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