Kiama Boot Camp Springs into a New Season


What’s been happening?

Super Saturday

What a punishing morning at Kiama Boot camp! The second instalment of our Super Saturday was very well received as 24 members took on one of our high intensity fitness sessions at Surf Beach. There were push ups, pull ups, dips and slams for strength work. There were kettlebells, tyres and skipping ropes for cardio. But nothing got the heart rate up and legs burning like, the brutal punisher sled! Congratulations to all that participated, it was a nice Oxygen Challenge week preview…

Winter Warriors

We’re into the final week of winter and there’s been some incredible consistent performers. With our Winter Warrior Attendance Challenge wrapping up this Saturday, the current contenders are:

1. Claire Osborne 91
2. Susan Hawley 89
3. Deni Murray 87
4. Tammy Langlois 81
5. Lisa Morris 78
6. Erin Allen 73
7. Linda Kleemann 71
8. Rylee Cole 64
9. Ali Crofts 60
10. Deb Chatfield 59

Weekly Wisdom



What’s coming up?

Friday 30th August 2013

Workout of the Month
6am Kiama High School

Saturday 31st August 2013

Smash Squad
First official training session for Australia’s Toughest Fun Run
Saddleback Smash

6am Kiama High School

Enter here before the Early Bird Registrations Close

Monday 2nd September

Spring sessions head outdoors
Boxing sessions will be held at Surf Beach
Interval run sessions will start from Hindmarsh Park
Strength sessions will be held outdoors at Kiama High School

Monday 9th September

Spring into Shape 6 week Boot Camp starts

Great way to get friends/family/work colleagues fit and ready for both Saddleback Smash and Challenge Week! Start recruiting some buddies into your Challenge Week teams so you can lift the trophy on Saturday October 19th at the Oxygen Member of the Year Awards night.

Note – there are only TWO ways for non-members of Oxygen to be part of Challenge week this season: Kiama Boot camp or a three month membership.

Register for the Spring into Shape Challenge week Boot camp here


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