Kiama Boot Camp Super Saturday

Welcome to the latest edition of Oxygen’s Weekly Wrap. This weeks newsletter is a little earlier than normal, but we have some changes in our timetable just for this week so we wanted to let you know in advance. Read on for all the latest and  greatest from Kiama’s most exciting fitness community.

What’s been happening?

Workout of the Month

Kerry Philp unleashed her first Workout of the Month routine last Friday with a lot of exercises, a lot of reps and a lot of people there to experience it. Well done to all our new boot campers who had no idea what they were in for!

Times have been recorded and the aim now is to get through the same amount of work in less time. There is a change to this weeks Workout of the Month below…

Oxygen Health & Fitness Run Squad
At our latest weekly staff meeting we were discussing our core values at Oxygen. Number 1 is:

“Bring your best, show energy and enthusiasm.”

Number 4 is:

“Have fun, enjoy the experience and be happy.”

These two core values are totally being embraced by everyone attending our Saturday sessions of late. We have a number of clients who are breaking barriers both physically and mentally at our City 2 Surf Oxygen Health & Fitness Run Squad. This carries over into the 7.30 am Boxing Group and then the Saturday Coffee Club. Its actually surprising we feel the need to inject ourselves with a hit of caffeine when we’re all so clearly pumped full of endorphins! Whatever the reason though I am super proud of everyones’ efforts so far and I’m really enjoying the atmosphere on Saturdays so lets keep it going people!

If you want a place on the bus click here

There is a change to this weeks City2 Surf Oxygen Health & Fitness Run Squad below…

Winter Warriors

The current standing for Kiama Boot Camp Winter Warriors are:

1. Claire Osborne


2. Deni Murray


3. Susan Hawley,


4. Erin Allen, Tammy Langlois


5. Rylee Cole



Weekly Wisdom
“If you always put limits on everything you do, physical or anything else, it will spread into your work and into your life. There are no limits. There are only plateaux and you must not stay there, you must go beyond them.” Bruce Lee


What’s coming up?


TIMETABLE changes this week only

Due to our visit from Womens Fitness Magazine this Saturday and wanting to put on a typical Oxygen Health & Fitness BIG SHOW, we’ve had to make some changes to the regular timetable as outlined below.

Friday 6am – City 2 Surf RUN SQUAD 8KM

Saturday 6am – No session
Saturday 7.30am – Super Saturday MEGA Session.

The changes had to take into account a number of things including two full body workouts (Fri 6am and Saturday MEGA Session) which we never recommend on consecutive days, we also had to consider how much energy clients would have after a 12km run beforehand AND then there’s just the small details of setting up such an event.

If this inconveniences anyone I make no apologies because this session will be ONE FOR THE AGES so the details you need to know are:

7.30am Surf Beach, be prepared for anything!


Nutrition Coaching Program

By now you all would have recieved a little gift in the mail from us at Oxygen. Samples of delicious Vanilla Biotrust Low Carb Protein Powder were sent out in special Oxygen shaker cups to give everyone a taste test on what many industry experts believe to be the tastiest and best quality protein powder on the market.

You may find one tastier but is the quality as good?

You may technically find one that is of slightly higher quality but does it taste any good?

Biotrust ticks all the boxes and you can have it conveniently delivered to your front door by clicking here

(When ordering, Biotrust Low Carb is down the bottom left of screen).

Lets get something straight, a protein supplement needs to be in your repetoire if you are serious about weight loss.

It’s only a part of the equation though and if you’d like to know more about the 10 Rules of Good Nutrition and a shot at $2000 cash for the best transformation, you need to register for our latest Precision Nutrition 101 course starting next Monday 22nd July. You will be entering a community of fit food lovers who share food, receipes, hints and tips from the worlds largest body transformation project. Check out some of the success stories and register right here.

We coach all our clients on the Principles of Precision Nutririon. If you want to know what results you can expect watch this quick 1 min video here – powerful motivation!

Note: This Video is just for motivation, if you are interested in our Nutrition Coaching program make sure you register here at Kiama Body Balance Challenge. ”







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