Kiama Boot Camp smashing through Winter

Welcome to another edition of the Oxygen Health & Fitness Weekly Wrap.  We have been very busy leading up to our latest special offer. The next few months should prove very interesting for the Winter Warriors of Kiama Boot Camp. Read on for all the news….

Dave Lambert
Oxygen Health & Fitness

What’s been happening?

2 for 1 Winter Boot Camp

Our latest special for Kiama Boot camp has been receiving lots of enquiries. Promoted as 2 months for the price of 1 has been an attractive offer but I think more appealing is the fact that it is being promoted as an Indoor Boot Camp. After the week of wet weather we have had, its certainly been nice being under cover. As it cools right down for winter you can imagine that will be even more attractive. If you know anyone who needs to stave off the winter kilos send them tohere to secure one of the last 7 spots.


City 2 Surf Run Squad

Last week we pumped up the volume to 8km with a run from Surf Beach past Bonaira Oval into Mark St, back towards Addo’s into Manning St all the way down to Hindmarsh Park, Pheasant Point, Lighthouse loop back to Surf Beach. Jill Files was the leading contender for this run as she pushed past the speedy Geoff McIntyre and never looked back. That’s 2 weeks in a row the girls have taken the cake so it’s time for the boys in this Kiama running group to step up! It’s great to see such big numbers turning up so stay motivated, keep charging and we’ll attack another 8km this Saturday.



Kiama Fit Chicks complete another Program

I have to take my hat off to the Fit Chicks Club girls who have just smashed through a superset program over the past 6 weeks. Pairing together 2 big compound exercises has been taxing on their bodies but its all been worth it. They set and achieved most targets and the changes in performance and  physiques have been very noticeable.  All of these girls are wonderful role models that everyone, male and female, can look up to.



Winter Warriors

Our attendance challenge after 3 weeks of winter is becoming more and more exciting. We are seeing clients who normally only make it to 1 or 2 sessions per week, smashing out 5 or 6 sessions! The current leaders are:

1. Claire Osborne
2. Deni Murray
3. Naomi Connelly, Lisa Morris
4. Susan Hawley
5. Amber Turnbull

Just as a quick reminder to claim your weekly Facebook Check in point you must check in by 9am Saturday morning.




Weekly Wisdom



What’s coming up?

Workout of the Month

Fri 28th June
6am Kiama High School

Last chance to improve your scores at the June Workout of the Month with this high intensity cross training in Kiama

City 2 Surf RUN SQUAD

Sat 29th June
6am Surf Beach
8km Kiama Running Group

2 for 1  Kiama Boot Camp Winter Special

Monday 1st July
Kiama High School

Only 7 places left

Precision Nutrition 101

Monday 1st July

7pm Kiama High School Home Economics Room
12 Week Challenge Winner announced
Masterchef 3 competition


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