Kiama Personal Trainers provide accountability

Hope you’re having a great Monday to start your week. Today I have some great case studies to motivate you into better health so take 5 mins out of your day and have a read.

I’ve been taking about Goals a bit lately, in fact I talk about Goals a LOT because frankly as a Personal Trainer in Kiama, that’s all people ever talk to me about. The reason I’m talking about Goals again today is because I’ve had two clients achieve some great success lately. You’d do well to model not necessarily what they’ve done but how they’ve done it.

The first person, we’ll call her Lisa, has made the step up this year to join our Semi Private training group Kiama FitChicks Club.  Just recently she set a goal for herself, the plan being to lose 5kg by week 5 of school term (Clue number 1 – deadline date).

Lisa has stated every week to her fellow  FitChicks Club (Clue 2 – accountability) a small short term goal of losing 1kg per week (Clue 3 –  break it down into smaller chunks). To do this she would work on improving her performance and attain a 90+ nutrition score each week. I think I can be honest and say Lisa’s nutrition had slipped down her priority list over the past few months and although she was still eating fairly well, it wasn’t enough for the changes she was after.

Lisa’s learnt the nuts and bolts of our Kiama Nutrition Coaching Course and she’s already a pretty fit woman but this new found FOCUS has kicked her into overdrive. She already had the knowledge so you could say she’s a bit more advanced than some. They say knowledge is power but that’s bull$hit if you don’t take action.  Well, not only has this past month been above 90 for her Nutrition scores, she’s been going at a perfect 100 four weeks running. Along with that, she’s lifting some big a$$ weights and forcing her metabolism to really shift. The fat burning hormones have kicked into gear

The result: eating clean and lifting heavy has shed 5kg in 5 weeks and her strength & conditioning continues to improve. Well done Lisa!

Note to women:

Case study number two, let’s call him Richard, has a long history of poor nutrition habits. He’s been training regularly and keeping up a consistent exercise regime but one really important thing he’s been doing is meeting up regularly for our FREE Group Consultations every fortnight.

Richard gets together with everyone, repeats to us all his Long Term Goals and we assess his (and everyone else’s) Strengths and Weaknesses since the last Consultation. From that assessment we identify a couple of Short Term Goals to focus on over the next 4-6 weeks that are going to take him closer to his ultimate goals and then finally we determine his NUMBER ONE PRIORITY to improve results next week.

Just one thing.

It might seem too simple and that’s kinda the point.

Make it easy.

Get some momentum, make it habitual, move on to the next item.

Tick off the next thing on your list, wash, rinse repeat.

It’s called Habit based Coaching and it has a remarkable success rate. Check out these stats:

Try to change ONE Habit and your chances of success are greater than 85%. Try to focus on TWO Habits and your chances plummet to less than 35%. THREE things, forget about it. So basically by focussing on less, you achieve more.

For Richard, those Group Consultations have become very important because he knows the power of accountability. He’s stated those Goals publicly so even on days when he’s not so motivated, the accountability of that group drives him to stay committed.

This morning he tells us all the past few weeks of healthier breakfasts, snacks and food preparation are the best they’ve EVER been in his life.

Think about that for a second.

Is there some sort of Habit you’d like to improve, that you’ve wanted to improve for weeks, months, years even? If you’re sick of running round in circles, speak to your Kiama Personal Trainers  and keep yourself accountable to a group like Oxygen Health & Fitness next Monday 715am. You’ll walk away with a clear plan of what to do and a stack of motivation to do it.

The bottom line is this people, if you want success with your kiama fitness program:

  • Set Goals – the most successful people in ANY field are goal driven individuals.
  • Be clear about exactly what you want and why it is important to you.
  • Set a realistic deadline date to make it happen.
  • Identify what’s going well and what needs improvement.
  • Prioritise one Habit you can change for better results.
  • Find someone to keep you accountable.

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