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Time for another dose of Monday Motivation to kickstart your week. Today I’ve got a different topic to what I’d normally write about but it’s one I know a LOT of people could use help with – saying “no”.

no.We often feel pressure to do all kinds of things on top of our normal workload. We get hit up from every angle to participate in this, help with that and generally give whatever ounce of our spare time we have.

We think about things we should do, we think about things we want to do and we think about the things others expect us to do. All this thinking can drain you before you’ve even done anything! It creates anxiety, causes inaction and wastes whatever little time we had in the first place.


If you’re presented with an opportuntity that doesn’t align with you or your values remember it’s ok to say “no”. The world won’t end because of it.


Happiness is a choice, but it’s made up of lots of smaller little choices we make based on our wants,needs and desires.


It’s ok to say “no” because you don’t have time, even if you don’t know right at this moment if or when you’ll be more available.
It’s ok to say “no” even if you’ve already said yes, if you realise you weren’t being true to yourself. It’s way better to make the right decision late than to follow through with the wrong decision because you think you have to.


“Half the troubles of this life can be traced to saying yes too quickly and not saying no soon enough.” Josh Billings


I’ve recently said “no” to a few things myself lately. It caused me anxiety thinking about it, it was nerve wracking saying it, but it was a huge weight off my shoulders as soon as I followed through with my decision. I over commit myself to too many things sometimes and it often brings me undone.


A client of mine at Oxygen Health & Fitness introduced me to a great slang word his wife came up with to describe him. She called him a FOMO – Fear Of Missing Out. I reckon I’ve been guitly of that in the past and I know of heaps of people who are FOMO’s as well. Well I’m here to tell you that not only is it ok to say “no”, you’ll be much better off if you do.


If you’re anything like me, you’d rather do a few things but do them well than try to do a million things at once and do all of them poorly. I don’t want my reputation tarnished like that with anything I do. If I can’t commit, and give something my all, I’ll say “no” until such a time that I can.


Where you have to be careful is saying “no” to the right things. There’s no use telling yourself and everyone who’ll listen you want to lose weight and get fit if you never say “no” to that potato bake, hamburger or drinking session. If you really want something you’ll find a way, if not, you’ll find an excuse.
So take a look at your commitments, analyse your wants and needs and stay true to your values. Make decisions based on that and you” sleep easier at night.


It’s ok to say “no”.


Dave Lambert

Oxygen Health & Fitness

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