Kiama Running Group provides great motivation

Welcome to another Monday Motivator to start your week.

Over the weekend several events occured that make for great a Monday Motivation topic. Firstly, I had a number of clients here from my kiama fitness business Oxygen Health & Fitness that were really stepping it up a notch by participating in the Huskisson Half Marathon yesterday. Secondly, we saw the end of the regular footy seasons as both the AFL and NRL move into the playoff rounds for Premiership glory.

Now how would those be linked together might you ask?

Well it’s about performance basically.

I had a few of these aforementioned clients who had been training for months to do the City2Surf. They ticked that off the list of accomplishments back in August. One of our Kiama Personal Trainers Jill Files, who has improved out of sight this year with her running. She’s long held the goal of completing a half marathon and decided that she would continue her running beyond the 14km we had worked up to for City2Surf. She quietly put the word out that she’d continue  a little kiama running group on a Saturday and gradually increasing her distance up towards 21km in preparation for the Husky Half Marathon. So a few clients who had their doubts about being able to complete such a feat decided there was only one way to find out.Continue the hard work they’d done and run even further.

Now City2Surf’s no walk in the park.  Like I said, it’s 14km which is long enough to make most people question their commitment to running. So add on a nother 7km and you’ve got yourself a challenge.

But rather than conceding defeat and lowering their expectations, they raised their level of performance to meet their new lofty goals.

This is just like the regualr footy season ending. The players involved know they can’t just keep doing what they’ve been doing if they want to go on to bigger and better things. They want the premiership, they want the taste of victory, they want to finish the season knowing they gave it everything they had. Those that are serious will raise their performance to another level. They’ll meet their high expectations with the necessary level of effort.

Whether you’re into sport or not, you can apply that lesson to everything you do in life.

Especially fitness.

Raise the performance of your kiama fitness program, expect the best of yourself and do what’s necessary to make it a reality.


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