Kiama's Metabolic Jumpstart

This week a group of keen Kiama residents have taken on the challenge of a Metabolic Jumpstart to coincide with their 4 week Boot Camp Exercise Program. The Metabolic Jumpstart is a Nutrition program that offers you clear advice and a diet plan to re-wire your metabolism and discover a new level of wellbeing.

The Metabolic Jumpstart

The Metabolic Jumpstart is created by Matt O’Neill, one of Australia’s top Nutritionists and a regular on Channel 7’s Sunrise and Morning Show Programs. He is also the Weight Loss Coach for Men’s Health Magazine (Aust). His trusted advice has helped millions of people enhance their diet, wellbeing and body shape. He has delivered over 1000 media interviews, hundreds of seminars and has presented in 8 countries.

Matt O'Neill

Matt is on a mission- Mission Metabolism – to Jumpstart the nation (and the world) to eat well, be active and maintain a healthy metabolism. Please join in… it’s the Jumpstart we all need! If you’re not on board yet, I encourage you to visit and quote OXYGEN as your referral code. It’ll be the best $30 you could spend! Oxygen Health & Fitness is privileged to be working with Matt O’Neill as an Official Partner in Mission Metabolism.

Oxygen Health & Fitness

Why do we need it?

Because to truly get amazing results you NEED to combine a balanced exercise program with nutrient rich foods. How many people do you know that exercise all the time and have a fitness program but their shape and figure has barely changed? Conversely, how many people have you met that eat well or have been on this diet or that diet and still aren’t fit and healthy? The people who succeed at being fit, lean and healthy are those that combine both exercise and nutrition. If weight loss is your goal, it is NOT negotiable!

Effort and energy saving devices like remote controls, electric car windows and computer-bound jobs rob us of our calorie burning movement. Junk food fills us with nutrient-poor calories from bad fats, sugar and white, fluffy carbohydrates that don’t even fill you up.

And there’s information overload about health, nutrition and fitness. Eat this one day, drink that the next. Many diet and weight loss programs just add to the confusion, reduce your metabolic rate further and make matters worse. In fact, many so-called weight loss experts are simply lying to you about how your metabolism works.

Which Plan is right for you?

Metabolic Jumpstart is different because your diet plan is metabolically matched for your needs. You choose if you want to lose weight fast, take your time to drop a few kilos, maintain your figure and fitness or bulk up.

Nutrient-rich eating targets show you the correct amount of each food group to eat each day, so you can be confident you are getting all the nutrients to optimise your metabolic function.

You can ‘Mix & Match’ your foods using the simple guide and Ready Reckoner. This gives you the flexibility and know-how to Tune-Up your plan.

I encourage anyone who has questions regarding their nutriton program to add their comments to the bottom of this blog post so we can all learn together. Chances are if you have a question to ask, someone else is thinking the same question? Post your diet and nutriton questions below.

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