Kiama’s Greatest Athlete Challenge


16 Local Sports Athletes, Weekend Warriors, Has Beens & Wannabes Aged 18-48 to Take on a 10 Week Sports, Fitness & Athletic Training Challenge





ATTENTION Sports Enthusiasts, Gym Junkies and Weekend Warriors

If you’re aged 18 to 48 and want to dramatically improve your power, speed, confidence and performance in any sport or athletic activity, this is the most unique, innovative, athletic training challenge you’ve ever heard of.

Here at Oxygenfitnesskiama, we’re in the business of creating Athlete Success Stories, and we want you to be next. That’s why we’re opening up this special 10 Week Kiama’s Greatest Athlete Challenge to the general public…and offering a $500 Reward to the person with the Best Results.

In just 10 weeks we’ll train you to out-perform the competition in any sport…and you could win $500 (plus the recognition of being named TOP ATHLETE). There’s also Prizes for the Winning Team, MVP & Best Male & Female Body Transformations.

But there is a “catch.”  Actually, there are two:


  1. We are only admitting 16 people. That’s it. So you’ve got to act quickly. Submit the form so we can get you registered on a Team right now.
  1. If you are selected to participate, we ask that you complete a survey and questionnaire about your experience at the end of the Challenge.

And when you complete your Registration today, we’ll also include for free:

The Perfect 10” Challenge eBook

Inside you’ll find 10 Never-Fail Strength & Conditioning Tests That Take You From Average to Elite In Any Sport…

The free Challenge eBook shows you our 10 “go-to” best exercises we train you on during the Kiama’s Greatest Athlete Challenge. So even if you choose not to participate in our testing program at least you’ll know 10 of our “secret weapons” that you can incorporate into your own training program.

We anticipate all 16 spots will be gone very quickly, so don’t put this off. Complete the form above and we’ll instantly email you the Kiama’s Greatest Athlete Challenge Guide straight away.



What’s Involved?

It all starts in Oxober.

Oxygen Health & Fitness first began in October 2009. Since then we’ve hijacked the entire Month, renamed it Oxober and celebrated out Birthday each year in style. A huge part of that is Challenge Week, where all our clients split into Four Teams – BLUE, GREEN, RED & YELLOW. Over the course of ONE WEEK participants are put through a barrage of Team & Individual Fitness Challenges to see who can raise the Challenge Week Cup. It’s the fitness equivalent of Winning the Premiership and it’s our best week of the Year. So this Spring, you’ll be doing “A Season of Oxygen” in the most unique combination of Sports and Gym based Challenges.

Strength, Power, Endurance and Skill will all be tested but it’s the ability to keep turning up for your team-mates  that’s also important.

So Challenge Week is your first week.

Beyond Challenge Week you’ll train alongside other Male & Female Athletes several times per week in the 9 weeks leading up to Xmas 2016. Through a combination of:

  • Strength Training
  • Conditioning Sessions
  • Indoor & Outdoor Sports
  • Easy to stick to Nutrition Habits

We’ll overhaul your health & fitness by challenging you in more ways than you’ve ever been tested to determine… Kiama’s Greatest Athlete.


What sort of Challenges?

  • Squat, Bench Press & Deadlift Barbell Exercises
  • Push Up, Chin Up & Plank Body Weight Exercises
  • Olympic Lifting Power Exercises
  • Rowing Machine Conditioning Exercises
  • Body Fat%
  • Sporting Skills
  • & a Mystery Finale Challenge


What sort of Results?

Here’s some of the Results from our last Challenge:


jade-lambert-before-after-results myles-bradley-before-after-results

kylie-strong-before-after-results ryan-smith-before-after-results steve-before-after-results


What’s the Cost?

If you’re still reading this far you must be a little interested in this Challenge. But how much is it going to cost me you might say.

Our loyal, long term clients pay anywhere from $35-$80 per week depending on their particular type of Membership. The investment to get involved in Kiama’s Greatest Athlete Challenge is less than $20 per week!

That’s right for just $199, you have access to all the Training Sessions, Challenges, Meal Plans and Nutrition Coaching. Plus a shot at winning the $500.  But hurry, there are only 16 places available so Register Now to avoid disappointment.

You do NOT have to be an Elite Athlete to participate. We currently have local level Rugby League, Cricket, AFL, Soccer, Hockey, Touch Football, Running and Surf Club Athletes involved at Oxygen. None of us are Elite but that doesn’t mean we can’t strive to be better. Regularly challenging ourselves is the only way to improve.


To your peak performance,

Dave Lambert

Oxygen Health & Fitness

4233 2963


P.S. This is your opportunity to take your game to a whole other level. It’s also an opportunity to see which Sport can claim bragging rights. It’s an opportunity to TEST YOURSELF out and have fun doing it.  Submit the form above before all the spots are gone. Or call us right now at 4233 2963


Some of our Athletes




Some of our Sports Challenges


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Some of our Fitness Challenges


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TRX Tricks Core Challenge #kiamasgreatestathlete #kiama #oxygenfitnesskiama #trx

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