Kiama small group training clients achieving great results


What’s been happening?

Running Road Trip
Last Saturday we ventured north for a change of scenery and ran an 8.5km loop from Shellharbour to Warilla Surf Club and back. The run was good in that it provided some different views to what we’ve experienced over the past few months of City2Surf training. The landscape as we ran around Barrack Point in particular was a highlight but I am going to be biased and say it still doesn’t top the scenery we take for granted in Kiama every day!

After the run it was great to relax with everyone as we enjoyed a nice breakfast whilst soaking up the sun.

Be sure to join us on the next Running Road Trip later in the year.



Spartans tackle TWO new programs

I introduced my Kiama Spartan Training Club buddies to a new program this week which sees them training on a two day split. This means they will smash 2 to 3 different muscle groups with more volume but less frequency. Tuesday’s session was pretty tough on the quads so if you see the guys limping around, you’ll know why. Tonight the guys hit totally different muscle groups to Tuesday’s session but the boys are looking forward to another beating!

There’s been some great results out of the last couple of programs with Dan Turnbull recently adding 3.5cm to his chest, 2.5cm to his hips and 3cm to each of his arms. David Files has also added 2cm to his chest, 3.5cm to his hips and another 1cm to each arm. Great work fellas!



Last week we kicked off out new 4pm timeslot with a couple of current Kiama Fitchicks switching groups and a few debutants joining the pack. The volume started low as they all got their bearings on the new program and techniques. Since then the volume has gone up, some of the weights have gone up and they have been introduced to the finisher. Keen to see what these chicks can do over the next 6 weeks!

As reported on Monday one of our Fitchicks has achieved some great results of late. Lisa Morris has shed 5kg in 5 weeks and destroyed the common myth that lifting heavy weights makes women bulky!. It shows that lifting heavy and eating clean is a recipe for results. If you’d like to step up your training and results you can join the fitchicks revolution here.


Precision Nutrition 101

Our nutrition clients are into week 5 of their 12 week Nutrition Coaching Program and things are really starting to click. They are learning the “10 Rules of Good Nutrition” and putting all their focus and energy into snack meals this week. It’s enabling them to stay fuller for longer because they are eating every 2-3 hours.

Lots of high scores this past week and those clients who keep getting those 90+ numbers can expect to shave off a lot of body fat by the end of the 12 weeks.

If you’d like to enter our Nutrition challenge keep an eye out for our 6 week Beach Body Challenge later in the year.

Winter Warrier update
After this week, there is only 1 week left! It’s been along grind through winter and there have been a bunch of really consistent performers that continue to work hard session after session. Just as a quick review any client that compiles 78-90 points wins an Oxygen singlet and anyone who earns 91+ earns a massage.  An update:

1. Claire Osborne 84
2 and 3. Deni Murray and Susan Hawley 82
4. Tammy Langlois 73
5. Lisa Morris 70
6. Erin Allen 66
7 Linda Kleemann 64
8. Rylee Cole 62
9. Naomi Connelly 56
10. Ali Crofts 55


Weekly Wisdom


What’s coming up?

Friday 23rd August 2013

Kiama Bootcamp Workout of the Month
6am Kiama High School

Saturday 24th August 2013

Super Saturday
7.30am Surf Beach
(Please note Super Saturday will replace the regular Saturday Boxing and Run Squad this week)

Monday 26th August

Group Consultation
7.15am Gloria Jeans

Saturday 31st August

Saddleback Smash
Early Bird discount ends
Week 1 of training begins


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