Thursday Thought – Make a decision on your Kiama Fitness Program

Today’s post in the Daily Blog covers several different areas regarding your Kiama Fitness Program.  I’ve sourced this “thought” from Patrick Linday’s book “Now is the Time“.  Each page suggests a way to be mindful of the here and now, helping you to recall the value of taking action in the present – and following through.

There’s several things goin on at Oxygen that I want you to consider and make a decision on.  This is a really important skill to develop –  to act decisively.

The first thing that springs to mind at the moment is the wet weather we’re experiencing. Plain and simple, it sucks. But that doesn’t mean it’s a good excuse NOT to train. If you’ve been around Oxygen Health & Fitness  long enough you’ll know our motto and if you’re fairly new to the scene you’ll get the message soon enough.

“In the rain, we still train.”

Make a decision to get over it, suck it up and commit to training. Here’s proof from yesterday that your Kiama Personal Trainer walks his walk.

The second thing to consider is this.

Not a day goes by that I don’t have someone ask me:

“How do I lose the muffin top/tuck-shop arms/last 5kg?”

“How can I burn body fat off my bum/thigh/stomach?”

“How can I get bla bla bla?”

The answer to 90% of people’s fitness, energy + weight loss dilemmas is………… Nutrition.

The Body Balance Challenge is a 90 Day Body Transformation program where you get access to both Group and Individual Nutrition coaching, complete done for you meal plans and grocery lists and all the information and motivation required to make DRAMATIC changes to your physique.  It starts Monday 30th April, you can get $1,300 cash for winning and for just $50 you can trial it out for the first week to see if it’s the right fit for you.

If you’re interested MAKE A DECISION and register for it.

The third thing to consider is the cooler weather ahead of us and how fashionable you want to be.  We’re taking orders now for the items below so if your’e interested MAKE A DECISION contact us to let us know which specific item you would like and what size.  Orders need to be placed and paid for by ANZAC DAY (next Wednesday).

Sleeve Striped Hoodie $50

Turtle Collared Top $50













Now is the time to…

Make a decision

We procrastinate too often;

re-considering, torturing ourselves with indecision

Governments do it by establishing boards of inquiries.

Golfers call it paralysis by analysis.

We think it’s better to think things through, then decide.

Correcting an error is less painful

than being trapped on the fence.


“One foot can’t stand on two boats”  Chinese proverb


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