Member Trivia Question – January

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Name 3 husband & wife combos who attend Oxygen.

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  1. Susan Hawley says:

    Well I think there are 4:

    Elise & Brad Moore
    Matt & Maree Yates
    Kirsti & Justin Kenningale
    Bill & Marilyn Oliver

  2. Brad, Elise Moore….Wayne, Kylie Starling…Bill, Marilyn

  3. John Wheatley says:

    Matt and Maree, brad and Elise, bill and marilyn

  4. judy franklin says:

    bill, maralyn, kylie and wayne, and brad and elise

  5. Elise Moore says:

    Bullet and chadles, Shrek and cameron diaz, Yatesy and Crandell

  6. Well done guys, you are all correct!

    Our husband and wife combos are:
    Leanne & Andy
    Brad & Elise
    Wayne & Kylie
    Bill & Marilyn
    Mat & Maree

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