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Just an update and clarification on a few things from yesterday’s important email regarding Memberships.

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Firstly, it was not an easy decision to send yesterday’s email.


It took me a long time to hit send knowing that everyone who is currently involved can no longer be a part of it. Many of you have sent in emails or texts saying how tough it must have been. I understand that for many of you, good friendships have started through training together at Oxygen and I myself have been the same. Oxygen has in fact consumed my life so much that it has come between other friendships, close family and my personal relationships. I consider many of my clients to be some of the closest friendships that I have.


However these are forced changes and will only be temporary. I have to allow enough time to find, hire and manage the right staff to re-build Oxygen. I did give that opportunity to previous Members of Staff but they tell me their avaIlability isn’t there. After the amount of time I have invested in both staff and clients helping people achieve their health & fitness goals, I’d be disappointed if that is not the truth.


Concerning Memberships, Unlimited Sessions is $220 per month and it includes FitChicks Strength for girls, Spartan for guys. This is more affordable than it has ever been (previosouly $240) and in fact now includes Conditioning sessions which were previously an upgrade on top of the $240. The feedback on these sessions is that it is the hardest cardio the participants have ever done but thoroughly rewarding. Myself and Traci agree. There have been plenty of things you’ve all been unsure of over the years and I have encouraged you to try. This is just another.


The other Membership options include access to Boxing, Conditioning and Super Saturday Sessions. They are outlined below:
4 x week ($184 per month)
3 x week ($156 per month)
2 x week ($124 per month)


Student Rates apply to the above 4/3/2 x week Memberships. The discount is 50% which makes training very affordable.


I know many of you love your running. I know. Who do you think created all of these intense Interval Runs with quirky names? I myself love some of those Terralong Tortures and Stairway to Hell runs.


But, as I said yesterday, there’s only Traci and I now and the Winter months really restricts the number of well lit and safe areas we have access to.


Many of you also believe that you NEED to run for best results. Interval Run certainly trumps traditional running in terms of fat burning ability. However, Interval Run, and Running in general, also provides a lot of impact on the body.


Run if you love to run but don’t do it because you think that’s the best way to burn body fat and get fit fast. Conditioning Sessions will do all that and more with way less impact so I encourage you to come along on Wednesday 7pm at Surf Beach to at least give it a try.


For those who have a running goal, like training for the half marathon, you need to run and you need to run distance. All the interval runs in the world aren’t going to get you to the 21km mark.


We may introduce Runs again at some point but like I said yesterday, no guarantees.


I have also spoken to Traci today and although we were not keen to have multiple sessions on at the same timeslot, she has now generously agreed to conduct 6am Cardio sessions on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. This gives our current 6am clients something to attend (one of the main concerns yesterday).


There is still an outside chance we may have Cardio sessions on every night at either the 6pm or 7pm timeslot. We may be able to swap the order of the 6pm sessions meaning Spartan would be Mon/Wed 6pm and Conditioning/Boxing would become Tue/Thur 6pm. This would give clients training at any timeslot a little more variety but the decision is dependant on authorisation from Kiama High. We should know this outcome by tomorrow.


Here is a confirmed updated Timetable with the only possible further changes being a change of order with the 6pm sessions.
Mon Tue  Wed Thu Fri
6am  FitChicks Conditioning







 730am Super


 6pm  Conditioning  Spartan  Boxing  Spartan
 7pm  Boxing  FitChicks  Conditioning  FitChicks



I realise there is a lot happening but please understand there’s much more going on at my end and I’m doing the best I can.

Again, any questions please reply email or call/text 0414611090.

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