Major announcement regarding Memberships

Challenge Week has come and gone for another series and Congratulations must go out to the BLUEs for their victory. Challenge Week is one of the best weeks of the year at Oxygen and Series 8 was no different. It takes a considerable amount of planning and effort to create free flowing, fun and challenging sessions for upwards of 70 people at a time.

Oxygen in general takes a team effort to coordinate multiple sessions at the same timeslot, as well as taking into account locations and safe and effective workouts for various fitness levels. We have to use our professional expertise to find a happy medium between what clients like and enjoy, and what clients need for safe and effective results.

Since we have had several Trainers move on recently, we have not been able to find staff to replace them who are adequately qualified or experienced. That leaves it up to just Traci and I and there simply isn’t the availability to continue with the current Timetable.

















It’s not something I wanted to have to do, but it’s the reality of the situation. As of next week, we will be revamping the Timetable so there is only ONE session per timeslot. There will only be a maximum of 32 Unlimited Memberships available as well as 2/3/4 x per week Memberships. Several clients who have paid upfront for different packages will have first right at a few of these spots or they may seek a refund for what is oweing. Those that have direct debits still remaining on long term contracts will be released if they so wish.

Those that do choose to remain here will have access to the best value Memberships we’ve ever offered.

Strength training sessions will only be part of the Unlimited Memberships and they will be FitChicks for the girls, Spartan for the guys. More Boxing sessions have been added into the Timetable. Conditioning sessions with innovative equipment like Sleds/ Battle Ropes/ Kettlebells/Tyres will be merged with bodyweight, core and sprint type movements.They will run in a high intensity Interval training format for fast, fat burning results.

Unfortunately, out goes distance running on Saturdays and also Interval Runs during the week. Over the non daylight savings months we are severely restricted by the number of areas that are light enough and safe enough to run in. What many of you don’t see also is the verbal abuse we encounter both face to face and on the phone from annoyed residents who are not happy about our noise waking them up at 6am. We may introduce running again on Saturdays but no guarantees at this stage.

The proposed Timetable below starts next Monday 7th April and will be in place until the next Challenge Week in October. By that stage it will be what is typically our biggest month of the year and also back into daylight savings hours. I will also have a qualified Male PT who is knowledgeable, keen and experienced ready to start by then. I hope to attract a few other potential Staff Members by this time which will allow us to relaunch our Boot Camp Timetable.


Oxygen Timetable April 7th

 6am  FitChicks  Spartan  FitChicks  Spartan  Stretch
 7:15am  Conditioning  Boxing  Boxing Conditioning  SuperSaturday
 6pm  Conditioning  Spartan  Boxing  Spartan
7pm  Boxing  FitChicks  Conditioning  FitChicks


The new Memberships available for this Timetable are as follows:

  • Unlimited Memberships will be $220 per month for a 6 month period.

There are only 32 Unlimited places available (8 x 6am FitChicks/8 x 6am Spartans/8 x 6pm Spartans and 8 x 7pm FitChicks.)

4/3/2 x Week Memberships will have access to BOXING/CONDITIONING and SUPER SATURDAY Sessions only.

  • 4 x week Memberships will be $184 per month for a 6 month period.
  • 3 x week Memberships will be $156 per month for a 6 month period.
  • 2 x week Memberships will be $124 per month for a 6 month period.


I look forward to the changes and the results that will come from it. If the proposed changes don’t suit I’m very sorry but they are necessary with the current situation Oxygen finds itself in. I hope that we see you back at Oxygen again sometime soon, or at the very least, Challenge Week Series 9.

I myself am in for a tough but exciting time ahead. I will be running all sessions again, like Challenge Week, every week. I have my trusty sidekick Traci for support but the majority of the work is in my hands.

Trial sessions will be held this week only for clients curious about upgrading.

  • Spartan will be held Tues/Thurs 6pm at Kiama High School.
  • FitChicks will be held Tues/Thurs 7pm at Kiama High School.
  • Conditioning will be held Wednesday 7pm at Surf Beach.


These are the only sessions available this week as everyone comes to grip with the changes and so we can determine final numbers due to start next week. We could all use a bit of time off from training anyway after the chaos of Challenge Week.  If you would like to take one of the limited places available, cancel your remaining Membership or if you have any questions regarding your situation/membership please feel free to either reply email or phone 0414611090.

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