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What’s been happening?

City 2 Surf training hits 12km

We’ve still had consistently high numbers rocking up for our City2Surf Oxygen RUN SQUAD on Saturdays with another 20 people smashing out 12km this past week.

This Saturday is actually the final training session before the world’s largest fun run on Sunday 11th August. It’s one of our most popular loops on the Kiama distance running circuit so get down there Saturday.

Mens Fitness have their turn at getting smashed

A week after the Women’s Fitness Magazine Staff came down to Kiama, we recently hosted Men’s Fitness editor, from Men’s Fitness magazine, Simon Butler-White and his partner Pennie. They had a full weekend itinerary set by Kiama Tourism and part of that included time with me checking out Australia’s Toughest Fun Run.

We’ll be featured in the September issue of Men’s Fitness and the August issue of Women’s Fitness so keep an eye out for Saddleback Smash news cos this year is gunna rock!



Precision Nutrition 101 kicks into gear

After kicking off our Nutrition Coaching Program last Monday night, our Nutrition Coaching clients are now well and truly into the program with recipe books, meal planners, food diaries all in their repertoire of fat burning resources. Add to that some clear and concise SMART goals, an online face to face support group and a mentor to guide them through their 12 weeks and these people are in a fantastic position to create some life changing habits. Keep an eye out for the winner to be announced at the Oxygen Member of the Year Awards at Seabreeze Dining on Saturday 19th October.


Biotrust Low Carb

Speaking of Nutrition, we’ve had a number of clients ask about Biotrust Low Carb Protein Powder after receiving their free samples in the mail. Firstly, a few people asked is it better to mix with milk or water? The answer to their question depends on your goals and a couple of factors you need to consider;

1. Adding milk adds calories
2. Adding milk adds insulin
3. Adding milk adds flavour

In this situation I’ll assume your goal is fat loss as opposed to muscle gain. For the most part you’d want to avoid extra calories and insulin so mixing it with water would be best. That said there a couple of situations in which mixing it with milk is acceptable and even desirable:

Firstly in the morning when insulin sensitivity and carbohydrate tolerance are at their peak.

Secondly, post workout is a time where you want some extra calories, carbs and insulin to help transport nutrients to your muscles for repair and recovery.

Most people use milk with their shakes because they taste horrible when mixed with water. Biotrust Low Carb is highly regarded as the tastiest protein powder on the market and its gluten free, hormone and artificial sweetner free.

You can’t buy it in shops anywhere but you can safely order online here and have it shipped to your door every month. I recommend the buy 2 get 1 free for about $100 per month and you can cancel anytime.




Winter Warriors
Quick reminder that any member who compiles between 78 and 90 sessions in Winter wins an extra Oxygen training singlet.
Any member who compiles 91+ sessions wins a free massage from either J W Health or Brookfield Remedial.
That means Lisa Morris, Tammy Langlois, Rylee Cole, Deb Chatfield, Erin Allen, Jess Toland, Linda Kleemann are all in the running for that new singlet and Susan Hawley, Deni Murray, Claire Osborne are on track for that well earnt remedial massage.

Weekly Wisdom
What’s coming up?
Fitness assessments
6am Kiama High School
Fri 2nd Aug 2013
Don’t miss this chance to get in and assess your progress. Have you improved your aerobic capacity, strength, power? Have your girth measurements changed?
“If you’re not assessing you’re just guessing.”

Last City2 Surf RUN SQUAD Session
Saturday 3rd August
6am Surf Beach
Join us for the picturesque 14km journey from Surf Beach down to Minnamurra and back. Its a long way I’ll agree but its the best way to prepare for the big event next weekend and the views along the way are totally worth it
Oxygen Mixed Touch Footy Grand Final day
Sunday 4th August
11am Kevin Walsh Oval Jamberoo
We’re enjoying one of our best seasons yet in the Jamberoo Touch Football Competition. The addition of some handy female players in Jade and Rachel Braun, Sheri and Traci Calverley has seen us win a heap of games through winter. This Sunday is the famous Grand final gala day and there’s a feeling we could go all the way and win the A grade comp. If you are not busy on Sunday come out from 11am and cheer us on!






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